The Homeless inside the main  hall of a Buddhist temple/wat

The homeless who leeched themselves in a Buddhist Temple in Cambodia for a lazy afternoon nap...

".. they just won't listen and acted deaf..for being scold repeatedly - even if we had provision for a few separate rooms to cater for homeless and the poor ..they probably think the flooring is more cooling than the non-airconed rooms behind the premises " - A senior temple monk -

IF you are a brand-conscious follower of camera labels, don't read these..

It is a not a particularly nice scene to look at but it is a fact of life. Similarly, creating this EOS web content also faced many issues. Among the many Classic SLR camera profiles. The Nikon F4 site was the first site that began deploying the idea of inviting guest photographers to supplement the content writing. I don't like to abuse convenience of being the developer to use it as a personal showcase of works. So, it actually serves with two basic objectives in, i.e. inspires users to pickup some idea in utilization of camera features as well as offer a channel for photographers to exposure their works via the many creative works of seasoned users. I am not too concerned whether the images are of exact camera type (EOS-IN) but I would prefer the creative section of it.

"... The EOS-1N is not just a camera. It also represents the REAL THING - whether in real life or when using it. Although not all EOS-1N photographers are photojournalists or news reporters, those who chosen to use it as their companion gear usually interprets the captured in a real form of reality - something which is different from Digital Imaging where you can distinguish some manipulation on the screen. In many ways, you find plenty of satisfaction in the eventual visual, especially when you get a good one on film..." Vincent Thian®, AP.

I hope none of you treat this is as a REVIEW. Firstly, I am not good enough to make review on hardware and it does little justice to the creator who has spent so much resources in creating such a camera. Next, the camera has been replaced with new (better) model. I seldom have any interest in new stuffs on the market. Extra premium is one thing, but as I tried to develop a site for oldies, you find the luxury of witnessing the entire product cycle and how it evolved to change in the market. So, it is technically easier to address issues that relates. One way or another, the EOS-1N site patches some missing link in the earlier EOS-1 site. I would say this EOS resources was an overdue project which actually created a deep sense of guilt inside me as the link at some sections such as Canon FD-mount A & T series was there for more than 2 years and I still could find the time creating it or all. Lazy ? probably ... however, development works for the Classic SLRs had never been paused - at the time, I have diverted to development of others such as the Olympus Zuiko, Minolta Maxxum with older non-AF Minolta X-700, Nikon F4, Nikon F5, improving the FD-Resources; revamping the Pictorial History as well as MF-Nikkor Resources. That was how the long two years have being spent.

Why ? Simple. The Canon EOS-1 Series Models are essentially a hugely successful autofocus system camera that sprung after ashes of the FD system. I think it is necessary to create a reference base first before I begin this EOS site construction. The confusing state back in the mid of '80 with various lens integrated AF concept like Canon T80, Nikon F3AF, Pentax ME-F etc. was part of many reasons that lead to the first AF camera that enjoyed commercial success (the Maxxum); the development in the market place was probably has influenced why Canon decisively has dropped the possible old FD's AF approach with the revolutionary EOS system back in 1987. The comparing Nikon F4 site has to be ready prior to this EOS-1N site because it is important as to provide a direct comparison to what has made the EOS concept superior to other systems. Similarly, Nikon F5 which was introduced few years after the EOS-1N was also useful as a yardstick to measure performance as well as a typical response by another major player in this unique professional users market. So, all these development effort can be considered as solely aimed to lay a foundation for the serious development of this EOS-1N site. A friend actually commented WHY bothers creating all these stupid oldie stuffs as everyone has turned digital now and I should create something at least like the current models of EOS-1V, F6, D1/2xxx or the EOS-1D xxx which has everyone interest focusing right on. That was considerate enough, I guess ..but web traffic has never been set as my priorities. Next, I have check and verified through the Web that the Network seriously missing these kind of information for one of the most important SLR camera in modern times.

Everyone who hooked themselves to the Internet must has a purpose. I would say personal communication is the first priority. Next, you wish to access in getting specific news quickly, followed by personal interest in the form of either business or seeking for information that relates. Over the last two decades, have you ever noticed our money is being screezed smaller by a capitalism term called inflation & differential increments in Foreign Exchanges occurred over the years * ? So, a top performance Canon A1 (USD200-00) or a Canon New F-1 which sold for USD500-00 new represent the best you can find in the Canon line up of products. TODAY a top-of-the-line film-based Canon EOS-1v is retailed approx. for USD1,800-00 and a second feeder, high performance Canon EOS-3 can fetch as high as USD800-00 in the used equipment market. So, which means to say those days of a limiting budget of USD500-00 is gone. Today, you have to cough out 300% of a equivalent of a top model in a Canon (this is not a proprietary problem with Canon users, but the equation is applying to all other labels as a whole). Well, I guess that is a figure which still enables Companies to meet their targeted corporate earning justifies for continual development of newer models & technologies. Well, when it relates to digital imaging, say a Nikon D2X can be retailing (as at 01.2006) new at USD5,600-00 and worst still, for that price, it is not even a full 35mm format equivalent ... Don't ask me how much does a full 35 x 24mm format digital SLR camera costs ... It is calling for RM29,999-00 (USD1-00 = RM3.75), so calculate yourself. Basically, the main theory for such a great differentiation between film and digital SLR is - since I have saved you all the trouble of scanning negatives/slides and provide you with an instant correction of your mistakes made on the spot; with an added advantage of saving you thousands rolls of films for many years to come, you should pay me for what I have did for you... so, the convenience interprets as an equivalent of another 200% on top of a price you pay for any current flagship film-based SLR camera model...well, that is equivalent of another 1,000% from a top class film based FD-Canon model back at those good old days, ^$#& #*@(()$)**!!

* those days, USD1-00 = approx. 80 Japanese yen, now (2006) 1.00 USD United States Dollars = 114.601 JPY Japan Yen

What the heck am I trying to suggest ? No. It is not (or may not) be related directly to you. I am not sure where are you from when you read these lines of outburst but all I can tell you is, regardless you accept it or not, photography has turned into a luxurious hobby now EVEN for the non-professionals. Aren't those who own and shoot with their latest SLRs now are the lucky ones ? but a debatable fact is circulating to, should photography be just confined to the financially capable elite group ? No. That will be a sad state. You can say, if you can't afford one of these, why don't buy a EOS-300D ? Correct, if you think Nikon, Leica, Minolta or Canon etc. survivor is part of your obligation. But that is not my concern, changes in the market place has, thus indirectly wipe out many potential talents due to financial stress for the parent who supported higher education (obviously, among choices photographic courses with uncertainty of income for future potential on return of investment becomes less of a priority. All I can share is, in third world countries - this is a big issues and there is a big reduction for photographic courses in academic studies).

However, one phenomenon in the midst of these changes in the market has made prices of film-based SLRs drop quite drastically - much due to interest and diversion to digital. Well, I saw a confirmed sales at Ebay lately with an EOS-1N with PB-E1 sold for USD200-00 and a Canon EOS-1NRS settled for USD350-00 ! HOW NICE ?

Ice carving festival, Harbin, China 2006

Ice Carving Festival 2006 at Harbin, China.
Private Visual works for another project on

IMPORTANT ISSUE ON ALL THE CONTRIBUTING PHOTOS SHOWN IN THIS SITE: - I did a little bluff here because it was actually a Canon Pro1 camera capture (my only Digital camera). Anyway, as this page is entirely personal so, I guess it is fine to find a placement here. hehe .. However, I must stress here that I am not sure and will not verify the images shown in this site are actually using a specific Canon EOS-1N. Well, personally I am quite label independent and equally I am more incline to see the image rather than what camera it was being used to get those lovely images showcased in this web site - frankly, only the weak minded/less confidence cares because you'd be always think the camera did for you rather than vise versa. So, why don't just enjoy what you are seeing rather than picking on something like this.

All these become possible again - minus a little bit slower in AF, minus a few custom functions etc. and save USD1,600-00 for all these compromises. Not sure how to make good use of it ?

Don't worry - I HAVE ALL YOU NEED to know and use the Canon EOS-1N here in a site for you. Rewards ? Err ..Just repays me with all you can take in and show me what you can do with your creative vision and blast some of the online portfolio with your Canon EOS-1N taken images. Save enough Moines and buy whatever digital you like in the future. IF you don't have the channel to make some moneys from your images, just talk to me or deal with my Editor at

In relation to use of images from contributors. A word to summarize it as Tough. As far as this EOS-1N site is concerned, I am not sure why the established photographers are so defensive in granting permission for use of their creative visual for a web project such as this. Generally, I felt Canon photographers are a little conservative in this respect and keep worrying others might take a ride on them freely. Well, I do have friends with good photographic skill set all over on the Network. But instead of confining among the agreed ones to participate, I would like to see a more diverse of origin, local topics, culture, background and own unique way of approach in photographic expression and that was why I tried hard to ask whenever I saw one. I did put up many private invitations but equally most were just shy away. Hey, what happen to all your guys out there, Canon folks ?? Anyway, there are perhaps millions of photographers still out there, selection in the use of contributing images for appropriate sections in the site can be a little tricky but I will place them as I think deem fit. Regret ? Not quite - except for my still-weak content writing skill. In case some of you expect a top quality writing in English then you may not be able to live with me in this traditional fragile area of mine...

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