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CANON EOS 630 QD (Quartz Date) film-based 135mm (36 x 24mm) format AF-SLR camera,
Approx. Product Cycle: 1989 ~ 1992

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MODEL: EOS 630 QD; EOS 630 in N. America; EOS 600 for European market
Type: Still 35mm focal plane shutter SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) camera with autofocus, auto exposure and built-in motor drive.

Features and Camera Control: 6 Parts
Main Reference Map:
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LCD Data Display: Index page

Technical Highlights:

* Combining the best exposure comtrol modes available on Canon EOS 650QD and Canon EOS 620 QD plus a little MORE Programmed Image Control, Predictive focus & Custom Function.
* Although the EOS 630 (QD) was supposedly introduced to replace earlier EOS620, but some of its basic functions were based more on the EOS 650, and features improved functions (NOT the top shutter speed (1/2000sec) and Sync speed (1/125sec.) as compared with 1/4000sec and 1/250 sec offer in the EOS620). It was dubbed the "pioneer of the New generation of EOS." during time of its introduction. New features includes a high-speed AF where Canon claimed the camera can focus/track 1X faster than earlier EOS620, it has also an improved predictive AF control function and a PIC image modes and enhanced custom functions.
* The EOS 630 (QD) comes in two colors: metallic gray and black.
* Auto date models are provided with five imprint date items (including OFF).
* Use of the 300FZ enables use of AF Illuminator.

Marketed: April, 1989
Discontinued: March, 1991
85,000 yen (QD model, body only)
Lens Mount:
CANON EF mount (electronic signal transfer system).
Usable Lenses
: Canon EF lenses (full aperture metering only)
Viewfinder Type:
Fixed pentaprism SLR, 0.8X magnification with 50mm lens at infinity.
Field of View:
V-94%; H-94%

Credit: Images courtesy of Bob Barton® <>, who also operates a popular Ebay Store. All images appeared herein are Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.r.

Viewfinder Information: Shutter speed, aperture, metered manual exposure level, depth-of-fleld priority AE mode, manual exposure indicator, AE lock, flash charge completion indicator, exposure compensation, AF in-focus indicator, out-of-Coupling-range warning
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Focusing Screen: Interchangeable, full-surface laser matte screen (C type) with AF frame provided as standard. Six optional interchangeable screens are available.

Focusing Method:
TTL-SIR AF. Three modes (one-shot AF, predictive AI servo AF, manual focus) can be selected.
Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal plane shutter with soft-touch electromagnetic release. Can be set to 1/2000 sec. to 30 sec. and bulb. (in 1/2-step increments)
Sync: X, 1/ 125 sec.
2CR5 Lithium Battery
Battery Check
: By pressing the battery check button. Three energy levels are shown by bar marks in the display panel.
Shooting Capacity: (with 24-exp. film)

Self Timer
:Electronic, 10 sec. delay, LED, LCD display
AF Control System
: TTL-SIR (Secondary Image Registration) phase-detection type using BASIS (Base-Stored Image Sensor). Two modes available: One-shot and Servo with Focus Prediction. Manual focusing possible.
AF Working Range: EV1-18 at ISO 100.
AF Auxiliary Light: Specified Canon Speedlites automatically project light through an ultra-bright LED (peak sensitivity: 700nm)
Shooting Modes
1. "Green Zone" full auto shooting mode with P.I.C. (7 settings)
2. Intelligent Program AE with Variable Program Shift Function
3. Depth-of-Field AE
4. Shutter- Priority AE
5. Aperture- Priority AE
6. Manual
7. Flash AE (A-TTL and TTL program flash AE with specified Canon Speedlites)

Film Transport: Auto-loading, automatic blank film advance, auto-winding by built-in miniature motor, winding speed 5 frames/sec. during continuous shooting, automatic rewind at completion of designated number (36) of exposures or detection of film end, leader rewind into cartridge, automatic stop at completion of rewind
Film Loading: Automatic (approx. I sec.).
Film Wind: Automatic. Two modes available: S (Single Frame) and C (Continuous at up to 5 frames per second).
Film Rewind: Automatic (approx. 6 sec. with 24-exp. film). Mid-roll rewind possible.
Metering System:
TTL full aperture metering using SPC (Silicon Photocell). Two metering patterns available: 6-Zone Evaluative Metering and Partial Metering (approx. 6.5 % of the picture area).
Metering Range: EV -1 to +20 (50mm f/1.4 lens @ ISO 100)

Exposure Control: Shutter priority AE, aperture priority AE, intelligent program AE (shiftable), depth-of-fleld priority AE, A-TTL and TTL flash program AE, manual, seven PIC image modes
Exposure Compensation
: +/ - 5 steps in 1/2-step increments.


Auto Exposure Bracketing
: +/ - 5 steps in 1/2-step increments. Three continuous exposures are taken in sequence: one under, one at the standard metered value and one over.
Depth-of-Field Preview
: With Depth-of-Field Check Button.
Film Speed Setting
: ISO 25-5000; automatically set in 1/3-step increments according to DX code. ISO 6-6400 can also be set manually.
Multiple Exposures: Up to nine exposures can be preset. Automatically cleared upon completion.
Misc. Specification: ±5-step exposure compensation (in 1/2-step increments), AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing), seven custom functions, multiple exposure
Remote Control
: By using Grip GR-20 and Remote Switch 60T3.
Data Display: In the viewfinder and LCD display panel.
Power Source Battery: One, six-volt lithium battery pack (2CR5). Replaced by removing grip.
Battery Check
: By pressing the battery check button. Three energy levels are shown by the bar marks in the display panel
Shooting Capacity: (with 24-exp. film)

Credit: Images of this three EOS bodies of 650, 620 and 630 courtesy of Mr. Phoon of Phoon Foto, Ipoh ® where he also operates a popular website ( trading new/used photo equipment. Image copyright © 2003. All rights reserved.
Temperature Regular shooting Continuous shooting
Normal (68° F/20° C) 75 rolls 150 rolls
Low (-4° F/ 20° C) 8 rolls 15 rolls

Remote Control: By using Grip GR-20 and Remote Switch 60T3.
Data Display: In the viewfinder and LCD display panel.
Dimension: 5-13/16"(W) x 4-1/4"(H) x 2-5/8 " (D) (148 x 108.3 x 67.5mm)
: 23.7 oz. (670g) without battery. 25.1 oz. (710g) with battery.
* All data are based on Canon's Standard Test Method.

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