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Minolta Maxxum 7000 AF SLR camera - Quick Shooting Guide

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Combined with autofocus and programmed exposure, this means you can concentrate wholly upon the photographic opportunity before you.

1.gif 1oper.gif Place the film cartridge in the film chamber and extend the film end to the red leader index, then close back cover. The film automatically advances to its first frame and the figure "1" appears in the film counter on the data panel to reconfirm correct loading.



When using DX-coded film, the Minolta 7000 automatically sets and displays the speed of the film in use.

2.gif 2oper.gif



You can instantly set the camera to Program mode and single-frame drive mode by pressing the Program Reset Key. Exposure adjustment is automatically canceled, also. And now you're ready to shoot !

3.gif headshoot.gif Center your subject in the focus frame and press the camera's operating button halfway green focus signal in the viewfinder (accompanied by an audible signal, if so desired) glows when the subject is in focus.



Now press the operating button all the way down to complete taking your photograph; the Minolta 7000's focus-priority autofocus system releases the shutter only when the subject is in focus. The camera now automatically advances the film to its next frame.

4.gif headrewind.gif At the end of the film roll, the film counter on the data panel will blink to indicate end-of-roll (the camera will also emit an audible signal if so set).


lcdblink1.jpg lcdblink2.jpg
Automatic film rewinding is begun by holding down the rewind release (R) button and sliding the rewind switch to the left, Now the "FILM" indication in the data display blinks during rewinding.

Rewinding automatically stops after the film has been completely rewound.

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