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A lens inherited from the 50mm f2.0 Nikkor-H. One of the most versatile of all interchangeable Nikkor interchangeable lenses. It weighs only 220gms. Aberration are corrected to negligible. High resolution and outstanding color rendition are its hallmark optically. Besides being an ideal general purpose lens, it is equally useful in close up utilizing a variety of attachments and accessories.

But more importantly, this lens is a AI (Automatic Indexing) Nikkor. The lens mount of the camera body that accept this lens to provide maximum aperture metering capability. It signified the paramount of mechanical engineering in camera design, pushing designers' imagination and creativity to the limit during that era. And the birth of the 2nd generation professional Nikon cameras after the original
Nikon F, that accept it as an integral part of the system, the Nikon F2.

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