MS-1 Alkaline Clip

MN-1 NiCad Clip

MH-1 NiCad Charger


MS-2 Alkaline Clip


MA-2 AC/DC Converter

250-Exposure Bulk Loader

MZ-1 250-Exposure Cassette

S/C Unit

Pistol Grip

This Pistol Grip has a microswitch and may be used with either motorised or non-motorised cameras, as it accepts both the motor connecting cord or a cable release. It is appropriate for motorised cameras with the Cord Pack and has a cable for its attachment. It offers single-shot or continuous mode.

Pistol Grip Model 2

This Pistol Grip is appropriate for only motorised cameras with cordless battery packs (i.e. Cordless Pack or MB-2/3). It connects to the motor drive via a cord; it offers single-shot or continuous mode. With all pistol grips, don't attach it to the tripod socket of the old non-AI 300f/4.5, as the F36 with Cordless Pack will interfere with the fit.

MC-1 SC Remote Cord

MC-2 Connecting Cord

MC-3 Coiled Cord for Pistol Grip

MC-4 Remote Cord

MR-1 Release

MR-2 Release

ML-1 Modulite

MT-1 Intervalometer

MT-2 Intervalometer

MW-1 Wireless Control

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