Nikon F and F2 Cable Releases

AR-1 Soft Shutter Release

Not only does it provide an easier push on the trigger, so to speak, it also raises the shutter release up to the level of the shutter speed dial on the Photomic finders. For Nikon F, F2, and Nikkormats.

AR-2 Cable Release

This is a fairly standard cable release which has a locking feature -- when you turn the milled ring around the release, it will hold the plunger in place. For Nikon F and F2.

AR-4 Double Cable Release

This release is designed for use on bellows with the BR-4 ring, and provides a semiautomatic diaphragm. Normally, the diaphragm is held open by the BR-4, but when its plunger is depressed, the diaphragm will stop down to the selected aperture. For Nikon F and F2.

AR-8 Cable Converter

This converts the tip of F/F2-style releases to fit into standard male-threaded release sockets.

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