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Instruction Manual for MD-4 Motor Drive - Index Page

MD-4 Motor Drive, an indispensable dedicated accessory designed primarily to advance the film automatically through the Nikon F3 camera. But designed it in such a way where it offers more than just an film advance accessory.

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The MD-4 offers either "Single" or "Continuous" operation. At "S" the film advances to the next frame as soon as the picture is taken. At "C, "it will be advanced at 4 frames per second with penlight batteries or at 6 fps when using the optional MN-2 Ni-Cd Battery Unit. In addition, the MD-4 differs from the MD-12 (for the FM/FE/FA cameras) which offers a convenient and responsive automatic film rewind feature in either normal (8 sec for Alkaline-Manganese) or a very fast 4.5 sec (Ni-Cd MN-2 power cells).

Other Issues - 4 Parts
A little technical information compiled in this site relative to the MD-4

However, the most interesting feature of the MD-4 was its ability to overwrite F3's power source source to supply power to the camera. Other than the MD-15 designed for the Nikon FA in 1983 which also offers such similarity, the MD-4 was first Motor Drive designed by Nikon to offer such feature. Although F3 is an automated SLR camera, with the MD-4 and MN-2 combination, you can rest assure your F3 can still be functional under extremely cold weather conditions (Since Ni-Cd batteries are better able to maintain their peak performance in cold temperatures, Nikon claimed the camera/motor drive combination will still operate down to -20°C, I live in the hot and sunny tropical region, I can't commend too much relates to this issue).

Even though the MD-4 is designed easy to use, you should still familiarize yourself with its basic operation as presented in the first section. For more detailed explanations and special picture taking situations, refer to the sections CONTROLS IN DETAIL and ACCESSORIES. Trust me, you will find the MD-4 an happy companion for your Nikon F3.

* Caution: The MD-4H (A high speed 13.8 fps capable Motor Drive, although they are rare in numbers but still deserve a warning note here should you come across one). The MD-4H CANNOT be used on any of the Nikon F3 bodies because It was designed primarily as a dedicated high Speed motor drive unit to be used in conjunction with the modified Nikon F3 High Speed Motor Drive Camera (Thus, It is NOT an added-on accessory but rather a system component for the setup). However, the F3H with a fixed pellicle mirror body can be used with any of the MD-4, except the high speed operation feature. But still, owner of this site strongly advise you to use Nikon published guideline as a sole reference.

Main Reference Map for MD-4

Basic Operations:
Motor Drive Setup and Operation

Controls in Details:
Part I covers: Anatomical Grip; S-C Mode Selector (including Multiple exposures); Trigger Button;
Part II covers: Frame Counter; Rewind Slides 1 (R1) and 2 (R2); Battery Chamber; Battery Check Button and LED Indicators;
Part III Covers: Electrical Terminals - (Magazine back terminal/External power terminal/Remote terminal); ACCESSORIES; Power Accessories - (MN-2 NiCd Battery Unit and MH-2 Quick Charger/MA-4; AC/DC Converter and MC-11External Power Cord); Convenient Accessories - (MF-6 Camera Back/Pistol Grip Model 2 and MC- 3 Connecting Cord/AH-2/AH3 Tripod Adapter); Remote Control Accessories - (MC- 12/MC-12A, MC-12B Remote Cord with Button Release/MW-1/MW-2 Radio Control Set and MC-5 Connecting Cord/ML-1/ML-2 Modulite Remote Control Set and MC-8 Connecting Cord/ MR-2/MR-3 Terminal Release); Simultaneous and Time Lag Shooting Accessories - (MC-4 Remote Cord/MT-1/MT-2 Intervalometer and MC-5 Connecting Cord/Time-lapse exposures)
Specifications & Optimum Battery Performance

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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Instruction Manual for MD-4 Motor Drive - Index Page

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