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" .... Way back in 1971, Olympus amazed the world when it introduced it's spanking-new, revolutionary compact system SLR at Photokina, heralded as the M-1! This was the camera that legends were made of... The "M", however, was also the Trademark of Leica' famous rangefinder system. A very short time later, the OM-system was born!!! However, cameras were already in production when the name change came about and some made it into the wild. For those whom are looking for a good camera to actually use, please consider an OM-1, or OM1n as you will be competing with collectors for this item and could probably purchase a far newer camera and a couple of lenses for the price of this camera. The only difference between this and later models is the top cover and the fact that it will not accept a winder!

If you've read this far, I will not waste your time with features etc..." - Larry Shapiro -

Credit: Images of rare early Olympus M-1 camera courtesy of Mr. Larry Shapiro® <lensman2@earthlink.net>. He also operates a popular Ebay Store where he often lists many used photo equipment .. Other that, you can also visit his website for more information. URL:www.lensmanphoto.com. Images copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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