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In most cases, one would take a lot of time evaluating what camera to buy rather than which lenses to own or analyzing what kind of lenses in a particular 35mm SLR system would best suit your kind of photography. General perception is the camera will do the trick for a better photography as most of the gadgets are usually there.

But most often, the choice of lens has a more direct effect on the output of quality of images captured. On a practical note for manufacturers, this gray area is where they will slowly milk the consumers as you may be owning a camera but could be possessing a few lenses rather than the other way round. But that is exactly why all of us are happy spenders on this medium, chasing unrealistic goal of visual perfection and hoping the extra bucks spent would catapult us to be a master of the medium... that was what I have been doing the some 15 years or so.
Just like an ex-smoker who is trying to give some friendly advice to a newly addicted young guy - just how bad smoking can it be done to one's health, I know it is time wasting. So just let me prepare the menu for you and let you pick your choices, may be the used market needs more refuel after you finally find what you are looking for, I mean - in time to come.

For those who can spare the time to digest the essence of this site:
Buy just a few primes (a 28mm wide, a telephoto of 180mm ~ 300mm and a close focus medium telephoto macro lens) if you are new to photography. Take some time to identity your interest before you commit more. I also provide a section to encourage some Gurus to show how to maximize and optimize potential of a particular type of lens. Generally it is more logical to buy used lenses. Some of the 'high end' third party zoom lenses may offer better value and features than most fixed focal length lenses, but consider carefully and spend your money wisely.
Zuiko Fisheye Lenses 8mm f/2.8 Circular Fisheye | 16mm f/3.5 Full-Frame Fisheye

Zuiko Ultra-Wideangle Lenses
18mm f/3.5 | 21mm f/2.0 | 21mm f/3.5 | 24mm f/2.0 | 24mm f/2.8 |

Zuiko Wideangle Lenses
28mm f/2.0 | 28mm f/2.8 | 28mm f/3.5 | 35mm f/2.0 | 35mm f/2.8 |

Zuiko Standard Lenses
40mm f/2.0 | 55mm f/1.2 | 50mm f/1.2 | 50mm f/1.4 | 50mm f/1.8 | Zuiko 50mm f/2.0 PF

Zuiko Medium-Telephoto Lenses
85mm f/2.0 | 100mm f/2.0 | 100mm f/2.8 | 135mm f/2.8 | 135mm f/3.5

Zuiko Telephoto Lenses
180mm f/2.0 EDIF | 180mm f/2.8 | 200mm f/4.0 | 200mm f/5.0 Auto-T (brief)

Zuiko Super-Telephoto Lenses 250mm f/2.0 EDIF | 300mm f/4.5 | 350mm f/2.8 EDIF | 400mm f/6.3 | 600mm f/6.5 | 1000mm f/11

Special application Zuiko optics:
24mm f/3.5 SHIFT (PC) | 35mm f/2.8 SHIFT (PC) | 500mm f/8.0 Reflex | AF Zoom 35-70mm f/4.0 | Zuiko 50mm f/2.0 PF

Zuiko Macro/Close focus lenses: Zuiko AUTO MACRO 20mm f/3.5 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 20mm f/2.0 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 38mm f/3.5 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 38mm f/2.8 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 50mm f/3.5 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 50mm f/2.0 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 1:1 80mm f/4.0 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 90mm f/2.0 | Zuiko AUTO MACRO 135mm f/4.5

| A
brief overview of Zuiko zoom lenses |

Zuiko Zoom Lenses:
| S-Zuiko AUTO Zoom 28-48mm f/4.0 | Zuiko AUTO Zoom 35-70mm f/3.6 | Gold-ring LE 35-70 f/3.6 | S-Zuiko AUTO Zoom 35-70mm f/4.0 | Zuiko AF AUTO Zoom 35-70mm f/4.0 | S-Zuiko AUTO Zoom 35-70mm f/3.5 ~f/4.5 | Zuiko AUTO Zoom 35-70mm f/3.5~ f/4.8 | Zuiko AUTO Zoom 35-80mm f/2.8 ED | Zuiko AUTO Zoom 35-105mm f/3.5 ~ f/4.5 | Zuiko AUTO zoom 50-250mm f/5.0 | Zuiko AUTO zoom 65-200mm f/4.0 | S-Zuiko AUTO zoom 70-210mm f/4.5 ~ f/5.6 | Zuiko AUTO Zoom 75-150mm f/4.0 | Zuiko AUTO Zoom 85-200mm f/4.0 | Zuiko AUTO Zoom 85-250mm f/5.0 | S-Zuiko AUTO Zoom 100-200mm f/5.0 |

Tele-Converters: 1.4X-A / 2X-A

UPDATE:- info on the Olympus Fast speed ZUIKO prototype 85mm f/1.4 by MARCO Cavina. Other Recommended read: Zuiko prototypes (External Link)

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Sinaron-Digital OM lenses Sinaron-Digital OM lenses
OM's Zuiko lenses for Sinar cameras ? No joke ...

Credit: Mr. S. Martin for the various images of the Sinar's Sinaron lenses which were based on the original OM 's Shift & OM Auto Zuiko Zoom to convert. Steve, who has also contributed various image files of the Instruction Manual of the Auto Tube 65-116mm.

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Shared Resources:
Supplementary articles: TTL Metering, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed & Aperture
Motor Drive and Power Winder: Main Index Page (4 Parts)
Motor Drive 1 | Motor Drive 2 | Winder 1 | Winder 2
Flash Photography:
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Macro Flash Units:
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Zuiko Lenses: Construction in progress..
Credit: Mr. Steve Martin <stevemartin@hetnet.nl> who contributed his time to prepare the scanning process of the Instruction Manual of the Auto Tube 65-116mm.(NEW upload)

Glossary of Photography
A good external source for
used Instruction Manuals for various OM SLRs and Accessories.

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