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MF Zuiko Wideangle Zoom Lense 28-48mm f/4.0

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S-Zuiko AUTO-Zoom 28-48mm f/4.0

The first (and only) wideangle zoom lense produced by Olympus and it was among a series of other OM Auto zoom lenses (Zuiko AUTO-Zoom 100-200mm f/5.0, 85-250mm f/5.0, 35-70mm f/4.0 and 35-70mm f/3.6.) introduced between the period of 1981/1983 for the OM system.

<<< --- Credit: This image was specially taken by Mr. Jone Quinn <> for this OM project. Jone Quinn runs a popular Ebay Store and he specializes in selling OM photo gears. Image copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.

This lense was almost a replica of the Nikon wideangle-zoom 28-45mm f/4.5 AUTO-Nikkor introduced in 1975 but with a slightly variation in a different focal length and maximum lense speed. Although its basic lense specification may sound very normal to you if measures by today standard but it was a big event for OM photographers during those days as finally, there is a true OM quality reflects at this wideangle zoom as prior to availability of this lense, the ZUIKO lens group has only a Zuiko AUTO-Zoom 75-150mm f/4.0 offered to photographers. Although this Zuiko Auto-Zoom lense has an approx. 2X zoom ratio, but it has a very practical its zoom coverage ranging from 75° wideangle to 49° normal, this lense fulfills a long-waiting desire among OM photographers for a effective wideangle zoom lense that combines frequently-used focal lengths in the wideangle-to-normal range which offers infinite versatility in many photographic applications such as interior, landscape, travel, candid, portraiture, candids of people, weddings, portraits in the studio or on location, and lastly, zoom blurs effects. One interesting feature relating to this Zuiko wideangle zoom is, it has a "S" inscription on the lense data where some OM users interpreting it as one of the "economic" series* of Zuiko lenses that were produced to counter competitions while on the other hand, be more affordable for OM users. I am not sure what are the "shortcuts" it has built-into the lense construction to lead users categorized these lenses but since I am not an expert on OM system, I will leave it as general beliefs thought it was.

* Other Zuiko zooms that carry with similar designation are S-Zuiko AUTO zoom 35-70mm f/4.0, S-Zuiko AUTO zoom 35-70mm f/3.5 ~ f/4.5, S-Zuiko AUTO zoom 70-210mm f/4.5~f/5.6 and S-Zuiko AUTO zoom 100-200mm f/5.0.

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Field off Newport Road

<<< -- Credit: Image courtesy of Mr JOEL Wilcox® <> Joel has an excellent landscape photographic website on his own. Image Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

This retrofocus Zuiko has a very raw OM zoom design which inherited from the earlier Zuiko tele-zoom in a three rings design. The front focusing ring uses standard OM Zuiko slip-free grip with the center zoom ring in a broad ridged rubberized grip and the aperture ring at the rear positioned at section. It may takes a little orientation as the aperture ring of Zuiko zoom are located at an uncustomary position closer to the shutter speed ring near the lens mount. The lense uses separate dual rings design as opposed to mainstream single push/pull design (but these designs have respective strength and weaknesses). The two rings provide a separate zoom and focusing rings for independent control and although it is less responsive in lens handling but it does offers a more rigid design.

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An amazing feat on technical accomplishment for this highly portable Zuiko wideangle Zoom is, despite it has a rather complex optical system within, the lense only weighs 300g - lightweight to be easy carry around for general assignments. Besides, the lense is still compact enough to accept OM standard 49mm filters. With an aperture of f/4.0 which is relatively slow but still, it also ranks among the fastest in its class. This shows how difficult it was to design a high quality wideangle zoom lenses during those days.

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Generally, distortion and aberration are common issues when integrating retrofocus design with a zoom mechanism, to fulfill real objective of designing a wideangle zoom which capable of delivering excellent performance throughout its entire focal length while maintaining compactness and lightweight involves many technical difficulties. Olympus optical designers provided a solution with an ingenious optical formula of 8 elements in 8 groups design to ensure it meets all those optical objectives such as in controlling various common optical distortion to absolute minimal level while still able to deliver a top notch optical quality. The early version has not mentioned whether the lense was multicoated but most OM followers would believe it was and versions that shipped after 1984 carried with a more clearer definition of a "MC" indication in its lens data for verification. Whatever it is, this MF Zuiko wideangle zoom lense serves well in its basic objective and practical usage in providing OM photographers with a good zoom range that spans an all important focal length range from 28mm wideangle up to the focal length near standard lenses. It is a sad state to notice Olympus can only offer a single wideangle zoom lense in the Zuiko lens system, as most would firmly believe they have the resources, capacity and technical capabilities to provide more available options for OM photographers worldwide.

Technical Specification for S-Zuiko AUTO-Zoom 28-48mm f/4.0

Lense type:
two-touch wideangle-zoom design
Focal length: 28-48mm
Maximum aperture: 1:4.0
Lens construction:
8 elements in 8 groups

Picture angle: 75° (f=28mm) - 49°(f=48mm)
Automatic, full aperture metering
Aperture scale: f/4.0~ f/22

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Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 0.65m (2.3 ft) to infinity (oo)
Rotating Helicoid system, by turning the focusing ring
Zooming: By rotating movement via the zooming ring locating at the center
Filter attachment size / Filter(s): 49mm, Screw-in type
Lens hood:
55mm Screw-in type
Minimum Photographic range: 74cm x 49cm@28mm; 46cm x 31cm@48mm
Length: 54mm
Maximum diameter: 65mm
300g (10.6 oz)

<<< --- Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Jone Quinn <>. Jone Quinn runs a popular Ebay Store and he specializes in selling OM photo gears. Image copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.

Recommended Focusing Screens: 1-1*, 1-2*, 1-3*, 1-4*, 1-5#. 1-9*. 1-10*, 1-13* and 1-14*. * Compatible. #Can be used. They will provide for accurate and easy focusing but meter built into the OM-1 and OM-2 (on MANUAL) will not indicate correct light readings. With the OM-2 on AUTO, correct exposures are made on the film, but the meter needle does not give correct light readings.

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