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The Pentax LX has a wide selection of accessories for every situation. Just like any system camera, most manufacturers have their own macro/close up photographic system built for all the models available. Thus, the broad range of accessories for close-up photography in the Pentax LX is shared with ALL Pentax SLR cameras. Virtually almost all accessories are compatible with all Pentax SLR cameras. From microscopic photography to astronomic photography, the extensive line of accessories for the LX makes this one of the most versatile camera systems available. Some of the accessories available in the Pentax system are very unique and considerate, to mention a few, like Microscope Lens Adapter K, 6x7-System Lens Mount Adapter K and even a Microscope lens Adapter is provided.

The new Bright-Clear-Matte screen also improves and provides a clear, bright viewfinder image when stopping down the lens in close-up works. Further, the Pentax LX's TTL IDM system works in streaming metering, it will not be affected by any attachment or extensions/bellows. The system is very extensive and varies according to various budget, needs compatibility and funtionality.

Auto Extension Tubes K 50mm/K 100mm

These fixed-length extension tubes provide automatic diaphragm operation and open aperture metering. Magnifications are up to life size for the K 50mm tube and up to 1.5X for the K 100mm tube, with the 100mm f/4 macro lens.

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Helicoid Extension Tube K

This is a manual extension tube with an internal helicoid that permits continuous magnification from 0.57X to 1.05X with a 50mm lens.

Auto Extension Tube Set K/Extension Tube Set K

Auto Extension Tube Set K consists of three rings (12mm, 19mm and 26mm in length) that fit between the camera body and the master lens and can be used with automatic diaphragm. Extension Tube Set K consists of 9.5mm, 19mm and 28.5mm tubes, and is used with manual diaphragm operation.

Reverse Adapter K

49mm/52mm Available in 49mm and 52mm sizes, this adapter is used to mount lenses in reverse on bellows or extension tubes, for easier focusing at greater -than-life-size magnifications

Slide Copier.jpg
Slide Holder IX/K

Used with Auto or Extension Tube K, Slide Holder IX/K allows 1X duplication of slides with a standard 50mm
or macro 50mm lens

Auto Bellows A Set/Slide copier A

Auto Bellows A is used for high-magnification photography and slide copying. Features include a lens-reversing system and a moveable tripod receptacle. With slide copier A, slides can be duplicated up to 1.5X size.

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Slide Copier.jpfg

SMC Pentax Bellows 100mm f/4 This compact lens is designed for automatic operation and magnifications to greater than life size when used with Auto Bellows A.

6x7-System Lens Mount Adapter K This adapter permits Pentax 67-system lenses to be used in manual exposure modes with bayonet mount Pentax 35mm cameras.




Mount Adapter K This adapter allows screw-mount Takumar lenses to be used on bayonet-mount Pentax cameras in manual exposure modes.

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52 - 49mm/49 - 52mm/58 - 77mm Adapter Rings A variety of adapter rings are available to fit filters to different size lenses.

Other useful accessories:

Battery Cord LX To ensure proper battery performance in cold weather, this cord allows the photographer to store LX batteries in a warm pocket.

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