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Credit: Information below on the various rare and highly collectible models of Nikon would not be possible if not for the effort, generosity and corporation from the Nikomat Club in Japan. It is their contribution to the Pictorial History Site for Nikon cameras which is hosting at MIR.

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Official Website of Nikomat -ML
Home of Japanese various versions of the Nikkormat/Nikkorex...

Nikomat-ML" (ML means mailing list) is an on-line club in Japan talking about the old Nikon F, F2 and Nikomat. "Nikomat" is a Japanese version of the "Nikkormat". This club is established in July 1995, and now members are expanding in a rapid pace. Together, off-line meetings (taking photos or camera stady) are often held monthly

Special thanks to :HIURA Shinsaku Manager of the Nikomat-ML Club
A little about the Nikon's
Nikomat and Nikkorex camera.

Special Variations of Nikon Camera



NASA Spec. Nikon Photomic FTn
(Full Specifications: Unknown)

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for a great view of this
very rarely seen SLR (
15k Jpeg)

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F3 prototype jpg

F3 prototype, 1974

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for a great view (32k Jpeg)

".....Improved trial version of the F2 and the first prototype of the Nikon F3. The Photomic finder has the shutter-priority auto exposure function.
* "I (Hiura) think this is misleading because shutter dial has "A" mode and I THINK this camera is an aperture-priority ") The finder block is made originally and is not improved from one of the existing finder. The development of this camera is stopped halfway and eventually the existing F3 is produced with a built-in meter housed within the camera body as opposed to this design Its shutter speed dial has an "A" mode. Other parts are similar to the F2....."

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Nikon F3 Proto.jpg

Nikon F3 Prototype, 1977

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for an enlarged view (24k Jpeg)

"......This is the F3 Prototype developed different in concept from Giorgetto Giugiaro's design. The mechanism with light transmitting pin-hole-reflex mirror is already established. The concept & design is with a heavy "Nikon" feel, blending mid-between the pro oriented F2 and the more compact sized FM.
This picture of the model shown signs of heavy use, perhaps it went through some demanding reliability test conducted by Nikon. Also note the shutter release button has the familiar centered cable release socket as with the eventual
Nikon F3 in 1980...." .

Also see a F5 mock-up model.

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| Various
Nikon F3 Limited Edition Models |
Covers Nikon F3/T Classic, F3/T LE, Nikon F3 Classic, F3 P, F3 H, F3 Pin, F3 DCS-3

F4 prototype.jpg

F4 Prototype, 1985
Click here for an enlarged view (22k Jpeg)

"....Look very much like an improved F3, but all the parts are newly developed, manufactured from ground up. Mechanism and operations are very similar to the eventual F4 in production.

Although it has an integrated motor-drive it is rather more compact than the F3.. None of the designers (Giugialo, and those in house designers at Nikon) were moved by this design, and the mechanical designer made exterior design himself. The exterior and materials used are very much similar to the F2. It came with some small control dials and buttons on the pentagonal prism. It seems not very practical and comfortable with such size for actual usage...."

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F4 Prototype

F4 Prototype, 1988
Click here for a great view (19k Jpeg)

"...Prototype F4. It is identical to the commercially available F4 - with the exception of the color of the body. The gray coloring was proposed by Giugialo to appeal a "completely new concept camera". Back panel is covered with rough-surface rubber sheet texture. which is also a proposal from Italian industrial designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro..."

Also see a rare view of a Nikon F5's mock-up model by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

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" ..... It was believed to be a hand-manufactured camera. This camera has analog SEIKO clock in the body and exposed the data on the film. Very rare....."

More info
is available

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Nikon F2 High Speed Motor Drive Titan Body detail of control and features
Nikon F2 High Speed Motor Drive Camera It is completed kit set, with F2 Titanium body, eye level finder DE-1/T, High speed motor MD-100 and MB-100 bettery pack with 2x MH-100 bettery and charger. Viewfinder and mirror are clean, in perfect wroking order!!! It is very RARE, maybe only 500 sets ever made.


Part One | Part Two

NOTE: Version introduced after 1980 has NO "B" and "T" time setting on the shutter Speed dial.
F2HS     F2H F2 HSpeed.jpg F2H-MD

F2 with High-speed motor drive
(Click for a few Enlarged Views on F2-H MD)
" ....... Pellicle-mirrored, with a ultra high speed motor driven which capable of hitting speed of 10 fps. It exceeds 2kg with its double battery pack (without lenses)....." Officially launched in 1978. During the 1984 Olympic Games held in LA, there were believed to be another 50 units of F2H-MD being introduced. Also See
F3 H or compared with Canon's F-1 High Speed Motor Drive Camera, 1972 (* Images for F2 H MD are contributed by: R. Johnson ) or go back to Nikon F2 Series Website

F2 Titan

Prototype F2-Titan

" .....The F2-Titans commercially available in the market came with chrome black colour and textured exteriors, but this prototype model is a champagne-finished titanium color model...." -
More info on Nikon F2 Titan bodies-

Also See F3 T Champagne Finish and a limited edition version + F3/T Classic.
Also check
F2 Titan Black

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F2 Gold

F2 Pin Body

Nikon F2 Gold
Contributed by Sover Wong, Australia

Nikon F2 Pin Camera
Contributed by Hong-Sien Kwee, Singapore

Nikon F2A 25th Anniversary
Contributed by Sean Cranor of Camera West


Black NIKON F/F36
TRIBUNE High Speed Motor Drive camera.
Credit: Mr Douglas of
More... Nikon FTn Apollo


NIKON F '65 Red Dot
Credit: Mr.eter Kunst <>

Nikon F Black Finished by John F Britten

JohnFBrittenFTn1sml.jpg JohnFBrittenFTn2SML.jpg JohnFBrittenFTn4sml.jpg JohnFBrittenFTn3sml.jpg JohnFBrittenFTn5SML.jpg
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F High Speed Motor

F High-Speed Motor Drive Prototype

"..... This particular model has a pellicle-mirror and thus there is no image black-out even at high speed shooting This is prototype because of the strange pentagonal prism and has a built in hot shoe for flash....."

Front section view of 7 frames per second  Nikon F High Speed Camera w/ Special Zoom Finder, 1972

F High-Speed Motor Drive

" ...... Timed at maximum 7fps (Frames per second). As any pellicle mirrored camera, there is no image black-out during actual exposure, and since there is no reflex mirror movement, high speed advancing can be achieved. The pentagonal prism has a accessory hot shoe for flash photography....."
* May be should add in this NASA F4 Model which extratced from a Nikon Magazine.

| Photo Showcase | on Nikon F high Speed Motor Drive camera (x3) models

Page 1 Nikon F High Speed Model 1 | Page 2 Nikon F High Speed Version 1 | Page 3 Nikon F High Speed Sapporo Winter Olympic Model

Nikon F3 Related





DCS F3.jpg


Nikon F3/T

Nikon F3 High Speed

Nikon F3 Press

Nikon F3 DCS

Nikon F3/T Classic








Nikon F3 Limited Edition

Nikon F3 NASA

Nikon F3 Press

Nikon F3 Pin

Anymore F3 ???




F4 NASA model

Also See Nikon F4 Limited Edition model(s)
or go to
Nikon F4 Series Website

Also See Nikon F4 Pro edition
Courtesy of Mr. Arthur Wong, Hong Kong

F4 NASA model
external Link
Jarle Aasland (

Some of the Nikon NASA SLR models modified for NASA Space program, it is a Poster distributed by Nikon as marketingSome of the Nikon NASA SLR models modified for NASA Space program, it is a Poster distributed by Nikon as marketing

Material extracted from Nikon, Nikon Vol 5, 1992
Two F4s models - one underwith minimal conversion for use in Electronic Still Camera (ESC) system(In monochrome view and enhanced in space using a modified laptop computer and transmit to earth thru digital downlink system) to digitise images taken and transmit back to earth in mere seconds. Another F4s using conventional 35mm film, modified slightly for operation in weightlessness environment. A few accessories for the F4s: several AF Nikkors, MF-23 Multi Control Back and SB-24 Speedlight. Providing intervalometer operation, auto exposure braketing, time exposures and focus priority.   -leofoo-

Rear /back view of Nikon F3 NASA 250 SLR camera

Nikon F3 NASA 250

F5 AM.jpg

Nikon F5 50th Anniversary Model, 1998

NASA-modified Nikon F5

or go to Nikon F5 Series Website (new)

Announced on 21st April 1998. To commemorate 50 years of fine camera making since 1948 and obviously another double awards for being crowned as "European Camera of the year" and "Camera Grand Prix, Japan". Originally only available for Japan market and additional units were produced to satisfy immense oversea requests.



FA Gold.jpg

Others: Nikon FM2n Millenium Model | Nikon FM2n/T | Nikon FA Gold

Nikon PREVIEW Camera

Nikon F Gold with matching 50mm f/2

My personal Nikon F Gold with Non-Ai 50mm f/2.0 standard lens.

For GOLD camera Models: Also take a visit to see Nikon F GOLD | Nikon F2 GOLD | Nikon FM Gold | Nikon FA Gold | Olympus OM2N Gold | Pentax LX Gold | Canon F1 Gold

Nikon F Olive -LINK
Nikon F Olive NIKON F camera with nikkor auto 50mm f1.4 lens. It is in OLIVE PAINT finish. It was painted by professional worker, cost 50,000YEN, in JAPAN. It is a Masterpiece, really an artware!!! It comes with the cap in oliver paint too!

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Recommended links to understand more technical details related to the Nikkor F-mount and production Serial Number: by: my friend, Rick Oleson by: Hansen, Lars Holst

W A R N I N G: The New G-SERIES Nikkor lenses have no aperture ring on the lens, they CANNOT ADJUST APERTURES with any of these manual focus Nikon FE series SLR camera models; please ignore some portion of the content contained herein this site where it relates.

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