Meter Coupling Range

With an FD 50mm f/1.4 lens and ISO 100/21° (ASA 100/21 DIN) film, the New Canon F-1's built-in exposure meter couples within a range of EV.- 1 (4 sec. at f/1.4) to EV 20 (1/2000 sec. at f/22). In aperture-priority AE or stoppeddown AE, the coupling range is EV-1 to EV 19 (1/1000 sec. at f/22).

* EV (Exposure Value) is a numerical value of exposure which is based on proper combinations of shutter speed and aperture. The camera's EV coupling range varies with lens speed and ISO film sensitivity.

Metering Sensitivity Areas

With the New Canon F-1, a special optical element in each focusing screen determines the metering sensitivity area. Thus the metering area can be changed, according to the sub~ect you are shooting and the lens in use, simply by replacing the focusing screen.

There are three different light measuring areau available, each designed to suit particular metering requirements.

1. Center-weighted Average Metering

With this system, the meter reads the entire viewing area with special emphasis on the central portion where the subject is most likely to be. It can be used for general photography, and is recommended especially for AE photography.

2. Selective-area Metering

The selective-area system, with its 12% coverage, allows you to meter a certain portion of a scene. It, too, is sUlted for all-around use, and is particularly effective for metering highcontrast scenes, such as landscapes with a bright sky and backlit subjects. Manual exposure is recommended for optimum results. This system can be used for AE photography, but special attention must be paid to ensure that the subject is within the 12% metering area.

3. Spot Metering

Spot metering is ideal for subjects which require carefully-aimed, precise measurement. Since the metering area is 3% of the field of view, you can select a small, exact area from the overall scene. It is especially advantageous for metering inaccessible subjects and when shooting with a telephoto lens. Also very effective for stage and close-up photography. This system is not suitable for AE photography; for best results, use manual exposure metering.

Since the optical element is located in close proximity to the focal plane, this new system of metering sensitivity distribution ensures extremely accurate results.

The actual measuring area, which is slightly shaded, can be seen in the center of the viewfinder with selective-area and spot metering. It is not visible, however, with center-weighted average metering.

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