Rewinding the Film

When you have reached the end of the film, the film advance lever will stop before the end of its stroke.
1. Turn the rewind lever in the direction of the arrow and push it down until it locks.
2. Unfold the rewind crank and turn it in the direction of the arrow. You will hear a sound as you turn the rewind crank which indicates the film is being rewoun~t When you no longer hear the sound, the film is completely rewound.
3. Pressing the safety stopper, open the camera back by pulling up the rewind knob and take out the film. Be sure to shield the film from direct sunlight while unloading.

1. If you are not sure the rewind lever is engaged, or if you have accidentally engaged it, gently press the shutter button and the lever will pop back up.
2. The frame counter does not count backwards as you rewind the film.
3. The frame counter will return to "S" and the rerwind lever will automatically disengage when you open the camera back.

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