System Accessories

1. Canon AE Motor Drive FN

The AE Motor Drive FN is designed as an integral part of the New Canon F-1 system. Attached tq~the camera, this accessory redefines the meaning of automatic in motorized SLR photography by providing you with automatic film winding and power rewinding as well as shutter-priority AK, the ideal exposure mode for sports, action and candid photography Three separate power sources, the Battery Pack FN, Ni-Cd Pack FN, and the High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN, are available to suit your preference and the shooting situation. With Battery Pack FN or High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN, sequential shooting at up to five frames per second is possible; Ni-Cd Pack FN enables film advance at 4.5 frames per second. The motor drive is equipped with two shutter buttons for maximum ease of operation when shooting in either the horizontal or vertical format, and a remote control socket.

2. Canon AE Power Winder FN

Designed to increase the versatility of the New Canon F- 1, the AE Power Winder FN advances the film automatically in single-*rame or continuous shooting at a maximum two frames per second. In addition, it converts the camera to shutter-priority AK. The power winder has two shutter buttons for horizontal or vertical shots. A socket is provided for any of the various remote control devices

3. Canon Film Chamber FN-100

The Film Chamber FN-100 is one of tt~e system accessories designed for the New Canon F-1. Used in conjunction. the AE Motor Drive FN and film chamber provide continuous or singleframe shooting capability of up to 100 frames, as well as shutter-priority AK. Yet it is sufficiently light and compact to afford hand-held shooti~g, making it ideal for sports, documentary and action photography where utmost mobility is desired. A special grip and shutter button on the film chamber ensure maximum ease of handling.

4. Canon Data Back FN

The Canon Data Back FN is a data-recording accessory designed for use with the New Canon F-1. In addiSion to the year, month, and day, the letters A to G in both upper and lower case and Roman numerals I to X may be imprinted in up to six characters on the film. Not only can this accessory be used for recording the data on photographs, it may also be used to code them for scientific and other purposes. The data back's special direct contact enables data recording in perfect synchronization with exposure.

5. Canon Wireless Controller LC-1

This remote control device uses infrared light to control cameras from a distance. The LC-1 is particularly useful in sports and wildlife photography, news coverage and numerous other fields. The Wireless Controller consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Up to three cameras can be operated on three different channels.

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