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Share common knowledge & exchanging experience with your views on photography. I know the original Free Trade Zone section may has some restriction imposed on its content (only Buy/Sell Stuffs), but as requests are pouring in to create another section for other subjects other than buy/disposal of equipments, so, as much as I can offer, I have used the template for other existing message boards to create another section for all of you to use. As this is a non-profitable section, so I didn't ask our programming staffs to creste a dedicated thread-like format. I am not sure if this has served its purpose but nevertheless, it is a channel for all of you to utilise to express other thoughts on photography-related issues. A few volunteers have been appointed to edit the content as it requires. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views. Enjoy.

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1. From : Photo Club Results (
Url :
Date : 02:54 PM Thursday 11 October, 2007

*** Final results for competition of September 2007 ***

*** October Competition Topic *** {Movement and action}

If you would like to join us follow this link:;inviter=1

Regards, The Team.

2. From : JoJo (
Url : http://
Date : 02:47 PM Thursday 11 October, 2007

I don't know if this bitter experience HELPS: - TYPICALLY when a FOREIGN scammers want you to send him money via Moneygram or Western Union (charge 11% but fast (for them to take the $$ and getaway), will tell you he cannot accept Paypal and stating Paypal transaction he needs min 5 units to force you to accept his terms). Regardless he has a site or web page (usually free hosting services - just look at the bottom of the page to locate the hosting service provider who hosts it) to show you or not ! Be careful. Cheap prices often cheats, jaga-man brothers.

3. From : Unknown (
Url : http://
Date : 01:45 PM Tuesday 09 October, 2007

THIS IS A SPAM by foreign party. DON'T GET CAUGHT : Up for sale Nikon D200 Camera with 18-70mm lens, 50mm lens, 4GB CF (Sandisk), and SB-800 flash. This equipment is new. There is a 2 year warranty on the body and lens (transferable warranty). There are many extras included in the kit. List of equipment included: Nikon D200 body (with 2 year warranty), SB 800 Speed Light, MB-D200 vertical grip with charger, 3 Nikon EN-El3A batteries, AF NIKKOR 50mm 1.8 lens, AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor ED 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 G IF Lens, Introduction to the Nikon D200 training DVD, Extra DK-21 rubber eyecup, Extra BM-6 Monitor cover, High speed SanDisk media reader, NikonPicture Project 1.6 Photo software, San Disk Ultra II 4 mb memory card, San Disk Ultra II 512 MB memory card, Nikon lens pouch, Cables, Neck Strap. Price USD$550 . For more details please email me to - Portia McCarthy - Unknown

4. From : The Center for Fine Art Photography (
Url :
Date : 02:27 PM Friday 05 October, 2007

Calls for Entry:

here are three new calls for entry posted on the Center's website:
• Planes, Trains and Automobiles - how we get around, from rickshaws to rockets
• Portfolio Show - six photographers portfolios will be chosen for the exhibition
• Macro World - the world up close and personal

Larry Padgett
The Center for Fine Art Photography

5. From : 癮『癮』的窩攝影活動 (
Url :
Date : 12:07 AM Friday 05 October, 2007

花絮 :
相片 :
花絮 :
相片 :



6. From : gordon (
Url : http://
Date : 02:46 PM Wednesday 03 October, 2007

BUYERS BEWARE! Beware of this conman who is operating from a few websites (including here), responding to your ad on items that you are looking for. This person, under the name of Constantin Maroiu, based in Romania, will claim that he has the gears that you are looking for. He would steal images from other websites and make them look like his own just to convince you. Don't deal with overseas sellers unless you think they are trustworthy. - gordon

7. From : Yap (
Url : http://
Date : 02:12 AM Monday 01 October, 2007

WARNING! Beware of a foreign conman lurking in this site. His modus operandi would be to offer to sell his camera/lense/accessories to unsuspecting buyers who post 'Buy' adverts for cheap prices, even being able to send you pics of 2nd hand equipment with few scratches. He will offer a cheap price and able to reduce his price quickly even up to only collecting a 10% deposit first for him to send his parcel to you. He would want you to tranfer the deposit by Western Union Money Transfer telling you that without you sending over the reference no. he cannot withdraw the cash. Then, he will say that he owes an old friend some cash that he wants to return and asks you to tranfer the cash directly to him giving an name and address in Romania. Beware of countries in the Eastern Bloc of Europe as it is easy to get bank accounts opened by offering money to the homeless citizens. Once your money is over, that's the end you hear of him. I had smelt a rat when he first reduced his price quickly and I played on to trap him to get more information and to get his IP address. Beware of transactions with foreigners and even though you have to pay more for local offerings, always remember that local transactions are COD and you dont run the risk of losing your money. Thanks and take note. - Yap

8. From : Steve (
Url : http://
Date : 08:14 PM Sunday 30 September, 2007

Hi..all Please beware of a guy call victor chiu, from bolivia, who is selling Nikon brand new Camera with a quite lower price is actually a liar. he is cheating all over the world through this kind of website. Please Beware. - Steve Note: Unverified post, the accused can make use of this board to provide an explanation and/or clarify the issue. The person who had been framed or affected please provide more details so as to avoid being seen as a sarbotage work. .

9. From : Victim (
Url : http://
Date : 11:45 AM Wednesday 26 September, 2007

Referring to: - " ...Nikon SB 600 ..$200 Nikon D40..$300 Nikon D40x .. $350 Nikon D60........$400 Nikon D70......$450USD Nikon D80.....$500 Nikon D200.... $570 NOTE from FTZ co-maintainer: Unverified. Please deal with this post cautiously. ...".

This is a good move by the volunteered maintainers to protect the user from potentially a scam work (I am not directly relate the event but the user can provide his view or defend this here). I personally almost had been cheated once and even the sale was via Ebay. Dealer requested terms to be complied before bidding. They offered 1/2 deposit and half upon delivery. The seller subsequently canceled the auction at ebay and requested money to be transfered via MONEYGRAM Channel. I lost USD80-00 as after he received the initial deposit, requested the balance to be sent BEFORE the shipment, they are wiling to to talk or chat or even call from US to impressed u. I refused as it was not the original arrangement balance on COD via moneygram, he vanished.

Next instance, on another bid: EBAY - seller canceled bidding and requested money to be transfered via WESTERN UNION. I refused other than Paypal. They will leech on you then, later he agreed and will ask EBAY to send me an INVOICE (NOTE: The email carried EBAY aw1-confirm email address for the deal carrying insurance for Western Union). Fortunately, I sent the exact mail to Ebay and they confirmed there was no such event took place. So, my advice is:

ANYTHING that relates to CASH upfront (or half deposit) or via Quick Cash Withrawer channels such as Moneygram, Western Union OR even XXXbank2U etc. should always be cautious (VERY CAUTIOUS).

Such scenario will/may happen in FTZ or even other reputable/popular online point of sales such as EBAY, Amazon or YAHOO Auction etc. Nothing to SHY to share with you because it was an experience meant to be shared with fellow countrymen and help you to take notice of such acts. Hope my lost USD80-00 can SAVE some bigger $$$ numbers from your wallet.

10. From : ProCamera, PJ (
Url :
Date : 03:57 PM Friday 21 September, 2007

Hasselblad launch new DSLR camera H3D II and Phocus software.

For more information please visit this link :

H3D II =
Phocus =

Thank You
This message was sent by: ProCamera, Lots 22 & 24, Jalan 225 Section 51A, Petaling Jaya, Se 46

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