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Share common knowledge & exchanging experience with your views on photography. I know the original Free Trade Zone section may has some restriction imposed on its content (only Buy/Sell Stuffs), but as requests are pouring in to create another section for other subjects other than buy/disposal of equipments, so, as much as I can offer, I have used the template for other existing message boards to create another section for all of you to use. As this is a non-profitable section, so I didn't ask our programming staffs to creste a dedicated thread-like format. I am not sure if this has served its purpose but nevertheless, it is a channel for all of you to utilise to express other thoughts on photography-related issues. A few volunteers have been appointed to edit the content as it requires. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views. Enjoy.

This site is specifically created for common usage on photographic issues. Please don't mail me other than constructive suggestions or rectifying mistakes found in this site, thank you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site - The developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to dispose your photographic equipment(s) or its accompanying accessories or looking for a used model or any of its system components, please use the ORIGINAL FTZ section with a higher volume of traffic Free Trade Zone site instead. The Photography In Malaysia has no Guestbook on its own, because it is an integral part of the MIR site. But if you want to leave a note on your experience visiting this site, you may use the MIR's Guestbook at another new window by clicking on the Guestbook Link.

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1. From : tannic (
Url : http://
Date : 02:02 PM Friday 20 January, 2006

Amature photog looking to build up a wedding portfolio. Willing to shot chinese wedding around PJ area for a token sum covering only fuel expenses. Anyone interested in having an extra photog lingering around during weddings can drop me a line on my email. Cheers - tannic

2. From : Johan2 (
Url :
Date : 12:41 PM Friday 20 January, 2006

Basic Digital Photography coaching/sharing session, tomorrow Sat 21 Feb 06. 10am to 11am session for beginners = RM10 (min requirement : handphone camera). Topic : framing (we will have a small competition for the best shot of the hour!). 3pm session = RM30 (min requirement : DSLR camera - if there are majority Nikon users we will cover specifics on tips on how to search and evaluate second-hand Nikkor lenses. Participants can try my 8 lenses on my D70/D70s. Prospective buyers and sellers of lenses can bring their lenses to show others. I'm selling 2 of my lenses too. But if you want a 1 month warranty, YLPhoto is my favourite shop in Klang Valley. Go buy from them. Respect to Desmond!). Location : Tropicana/BU. 4 more info, sms Johan 0122803280 - Johan2

3. From : Johan2 (
Url : http://
Date : 05:51 PM Thursday 19 January, 2006

AMENDED : January Model Shoot : Debbie, Liz and friends. 11am, Sat 21 JANUARY 2006. RM30 only. Max 6 photographers per model (no poison please!) Tropicana. Pls contact Johan for more details of this private/amateur event 0122803280 (Thanks to vestax for pointing out the error in my original posting) FYI, I'll do my best to upload photos of the models by Friday. - Johan2

4. From : Jagger (
Url : http://
Date : 03:22 PM Thursday 19 January, 2006

we buy old LP records, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, LDs, Books Magazines, Stamps FDC, Coins, Notes, Antiques,etc. We pay Cash. Call 0123801691

5. From : Hasnuddin Abu Samah (
Url :
Date : 01:03 PM Thursday 19 January, 2006

Basic Photography Course launching soon, for more details, please e-mail me. Thank you. For other info, please visit - Hasnuddin Abu Samah

6. From : murali balasundaram (
Url : http://
Date : 01:01 PM Thursday 19 January, 2006

e are monsters-onpixels and we specialize in digital imaging & manipulation and canvas printing. the following are our services:- Digital photograph restoration Retouching and manipulation - removal of people, objects, blemished skin, backgrounds etc - changing backgrounds - colour contrasting. - colouring of black and white photographs - decolourizing of coloured photographs - enlarging - superimposing Collage/ mural composition Creative art and design All our final prints are done on canvas. kindly check out our website at for further information. - murali balasundaram

7. From : WeiChen (
Url : http://
Date : 02:59 PM Wednesday 18 January, 2006

Good ideal for photographer, You need a Website to place your portfolio online and let your client to view b4 meeting you? Yes, we can help you to set up the website with resonalble price. email to: - WeiChen

8. From : Grant (
Url :
Date : 11:48 AM Wednesday 18 January, 2006

Community News: I have launched a new forum at It is aimed primarily at bridal couples in Malaysia however there are sections for holidays, general camera talk, buying and selling and general discussion. I have both lurked and answered photography queries to help other photographers on various other forums (incognito) but it is much easier for me to do so in one place. If you would like other forums on this new forum let me know. I will be happy to oblige. If you need sign up guidance go through my home page at and follow the links as I have a preliminary page to quickly explain how to sign up. All the best. Grant - Grant

9. From : Cry Baby (
Url : http://
Date : 05:20 PM Monday 16 January, 2006

It's called WILLING SELLER, WILLING BUYER BASIS. Whoever posted this, GROW UP! >> HOW COME YOU INCREASE THE PRICE THE SAME DAY YOU ADVERTISE THE ITEM? D50, bid price increase to RM2,400. Close on 27 Jan 2006. Please contact me at Come with a standard package. - dave - Liar Dave - Cry Baby

10. From : I-AM-A-MORON (
Url : http://
Date : 05:20 PM Monday 16 January, 2006

DON'T BE SO NARROW MINDED. It's called willing buyer, willing seller basis! Whoever posted this, GROW UP! >> HOW COME YOU INCREASE THE PRICE THE SAME DAY YOU ADVERTISE THE ITEM? D50, bid price increase to RM2,400. Close on 27 Jan 2006. Please contact me at Come with a standard package. - dave - Liar Dave - I-AM-A-MORON

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