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Share common knowledge & exchanging experience with your views on photography. I know the original Free Trade Zone section may has some restriction imposed on its content (only Buy/Sell Stuffs), but as requests are pouring in to create another section for other subjects other than buy/disposal of equipments, so, as much as I can offer, I have used the template for other existing message boards to create another section for all of you to use. As this is a non-profitable section, so I didn't ask our programming staffs to creste a dedicated thread-like format. I am not sure if this has served its purpose but nevertheless, it is a channel for all of you to utilise to express other thoughts on photography-related issues. A few volunteers have been appointed to edit the content as it requires. You may make use of this convenience here to present your own views. Enjoy.

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1. From : Lim Chew How (
Url : http://
Date : 03:40 PM Saturday 02 February, 2008

1. PC Magazine Guide to Digital Photography Description You have the camera, or intend to. You have the desire. Now, you have personalized instruction from PC Magazine "The play of light and color on the human imagination." That's how Daniel and Sally Wiener Grotta define photography. They'll lead you through choosing a digital camera and using all its amazing features, but photography is more than technology. These renowned experts liberally share their knowledge of lighting, settings, focus, file formats, communicating with pictures, and more. Read a little, then go shoot some pictures, study them, and read some more. See what you and that camera can do -- together. * Go one-on-one with the pros * Choose a camera that fits your needs * Understand resolution, compression, pixels, and file formats * Use shutter speed, lighting, and depth of field * Learn about white balance and color adjustment * Organize your shots on the camera * Shoot photos for company publications or online auctions * Pick up tips for getting great photos * Get your pictures out of the camera, easily * Edit, print, and e-mail photos TOC Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: Understanding Your Camera. Chapter 1: The Differences between Digital and Film Photography. Chapter 2: Choosing the Best Digital Camera for You. Chapter 3: Getting to Know Your Digital Camera. Chapter 4: Necessities and Niceties. Part II: Photography: The Play of Light and Color on the Human Imagination. Chapter 5: Understanding File Formats. Chapter 6: Understanding Exposure. Chapter 7: Focus. Chapter 8: Using Your Camera’s Color Controls. Chapter 9: Controlling and Adding Light. Chapter 10: Recording Video and Audio with Your Digital Camera. Chapter 11: Digital Photography Tips and Tricks. Part III: Photography with a Purpose. Chapter 12: Principles behind Great Photography. Chapter 13: Family and Fun Photography. Chapter 14: A Business Tool. Chapter 15: Photography for Email and The Web. Chapter 16: Camera Phones. Part IV: I Have My Pictures, Now What? Chapter 17: Getting Your Photos out of The Camera. Chapter 18: Editing Your Pictures. Chapter 19: Display, Show, and Share. Chapter 20: Printing Your Photos. Chapter 21: Organizing, Managing, and Archiving Your Digital Photos. Glossary. Index. Details - Used book but like new. - Weight <700gram - Total >400 pages - Wish to sell at RM30 2. PC Magazine Digital SLR Photography Description Don't enter the world of Digital SLR without this book! If you want to use your Digital SLR camera like a pro, let a pro (or two) show you how! Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta have been covering the world of digital photography since 1991, and this book is like a private course in DSLR mastery. From understanding the parts of your camera to using the controls effectively to shooting stunning, beautiful, and meaningful photographs to editing your images, here's everything you want to know tomake your investment in a Digital SLRpay off big in gorgeous pictures. Let the experts tell you how Here's advice from the undisputed digital camera experts for less than the cost of a memory card! The Grottas help you choose the right model, get the best shots, edit like a pro, and produce showstopping prints from your DSLR. Get professional guidance on * Choosing a Digital SLR camera that fits your needs and your budget * Understanding different types of image sensors * Selecting and working with lenses * Determining the right resolution for various photo types * Using the camera's controls to fine-tune your pictures * Working with RAW format * Learning the aesthetics of what makes a great photograph * Getting great shots of action, nature, and events * Seeing how light, shadow, contrast, and color affect the mood and intention of everything you shoot * Managing your image files efficiently * Editing your images for professional results TOC Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: Assembling the Right Equipment. Chapter 1: Under the Hood of Your Digital SLR. Chapter 2: Choosing Your Lenses. Chapter 3: Accessories. Part II: Taking Control of Your Digital Photography. Chapter 4: Mastering File Structure and Size. Chapter 5: Making Exposure Work for You. Chapter 6: Camera Controls for Better, More Efficient Photography. Part III: Digital Photography Techniques and Tips from the Pros. Chapter 7: Getting the Shot. Chapter 8: Lighting. Part IV: Digital Photography Beyond the Camera. Chapter 9: Taming Your Digital Photo Files. Chapter 10: Perfecting and Extending Your Photos. Chapter 11: Understanding Color Management. Chapter 12: Preparing Your Photos for Output and Sharing. Appendix A: Internet Services and Web Sites. Appendix B: Support Organizations. Appendix C: Warranties, Insurance, and Repair. Appendix D: Buying Tips. Appendix E: Glossary. Index. Details - Used book but like new. Full color pages. - Weight <1kg - Total pages >400 - Wish to sell at RM80 - Lim Chew How - Lim Chew How

2. From : Studio Wedding Photography Workshop (
Url : http://
Date : 02:16 AM Sunday 27 January, 2008

Studio Wedding Photography Workshop for RM180.00 10 participant only... (My quota) Date : 22 FEBRUARY 2008 Time : 11.00 AM - 5.00 PM Venue : Digi Colour Photo Studio Kompleks Mutiara Jalan Ipoh Closing Date : 8 February 2008 (Model disediakan...hehe...) Registered: 1. Wan :thumbs: 2. Nasri 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Please contact me for more information. Wan 0126068727 - Studio Wedding Photography Workshop for RM180.00

3. From : mary444 (
Url : http://
Date : 01:12 AM Tuesday 22 January, 2008

hi guy!!!becareful when ur guy buy camera with the boss(stephen wong)of direct photo,when buy camera must check carefully,coz i have a bad experience buy the new nikon d300 import set last week,but that not is the new import set,is 2nd hand set,coz after buy i check the shutter count,is already 9++..i paid rm5750 for buy new camera,but get the 2nd hand set.hope ur guy becareful,thanks!! - mary444

4. From : beware (
Url : http://
Date : 02:56 PM Saturday 19 January, 2008

*******WARNING******* for and others that trye to sell very cheap cams here!!!!!!This is africans that try to steal money from you!!!!!! - kloesel PPP..ARRANGE APPOINMENT AT YOUR OWN (YOUR OFFICE ETC...)PLACE INSTEAD ON PUBLIC PLACE. - BEWARE - beware Unverified :- But some co-maintainers of FTZ have constantly remind buyers of uncertain deal. But a guideline is, calling price is way BELOW market price on used equipment cheap always MAY have some issues or agenda. So, always ASK and CHECK (such as IP address originated from) other sources before committing. IF sellers requesting for QUCK money transfer such a Moneygram or Western Union - it may post potentially a problem. Thanks.

5. From : canon123 (
Url : http://
Date : 05:39 PM Thursday 17 January, 2008

Unverified dispute:- "NEVER BUY FROM HIM "Lens Sold Sigma 180mm f3.5 DG Macro. Thanks for the enquiry. Still available Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 USM IS (Image Stabilizer) for RM1850. No Fungus or Dust. Very Sharp Lens. Interested pls SMS/Call 017-9833677 - canon123

6. From : james (
Url : http://
Date : 05:39 PM Thursday 17 January, 2008

Unverified dispute:- +++ NEVER BUY FROM HIM... I'VE BAD EXPERIENCE WITH HIM - JAMES +++ FOR SALE!! NEW 3rd party Battery Grip for NIKON D50. Vertical Shutter can be use to shoot just like normal shooting. Solid Build Quality. Got LCD at the back. That u can see, Shutter count, Infrared remaining, Time remaining, Self timer, Clock time and many more function. Selling at RM400(nego) COD KL AREA. Call or sms me at 012-3743738. - Bro - james

7. From : (
Url :
Date : 01:13 PM Sunday 16 December, 2007

Hi everybody I've just received the December CHALLENGE TOPIC from "Jelena Banjac" as she was the Winner 1st Place at November contest so. Here is as it: Thank You so much for congratulations, I'm very HAPPY! It was my pleasure to participate in Your contest. I think about subject for this month, and I decide that will be ,,SNOW,, I think that snow is very beautiful, and the flakes are very interesting, and that will make a photo very nice and beautiful.This month is month when can be very much snow, and that is why i decide this subject.

I hope that You like this subject.
Once more, thank You very much. With esteem, Jelena


Here you are the Rules:

1. The shot must have been taken by you.
2. The shot should have been taken during the time no more then {no limit} year
old. {the time are open}
3. You may enter up to 3 shots.
4. The Photo posted must be in the range from min 640x480 up to max 1024x768 (horizontal or vertical format), If you send a bigger one I will simply resize it to fit the max.
5. Simple photo editing is allowed. Special effects are not allowed.
6. So send your entries to the e-mail:
7. The photo must be have Exif data.
8. The Non-members can Join the Contest.

You can follow the entries from this link:

Start sending from now until 27th of December and voting 28-29-30-31

Good Luck for all

Hossam Saad

8. From : direct photo (
Url : http://
Date : 02:04 PM Friday 14 December, 2007

Feel The Power Of Nikon D3 & D300@ Direct Photo Date: 22-12-07 (Saturday) Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm Venue: Direct Photo Show Room Open for Public, F.O.C Enterance Guests are require to register thru below email address: (Only Register For 30 persons) Here's some activities on the event day: - Nikon D3 & D300 DSLR Camera Test - Nikon 14-24mm(N) f2.8,24-70mm(N) f2.8 & 70-200mm f2.8(VR) Lens Test - Model Shooting *For more informations, please kindly contact 03-9205 5868. Or SMS KEN @ 016-228 1588 for fast register. - direct photo

9. From : NOT HAPPY (
Url : http://
Date : 08:54 PM Wednesday 12 December, 2007

Can SELLER JUST QUOTE the PRICE instead of pointing me to another site ? IF this is the case, EBAY seller can literally give me 1,000 items and yet I have to go and watch the price, JUST QUOTE the price FIRST !

TYPICAL EXAMPLE:- RE:- Canon 55mm F1.2 FD Mount Lens - Good working Condition - Photo of item : Contact : Matthew (012)-5534906 - click n snap photo equipments m sdn bhd -

10. From : CLICK! Magazine (
Url :
Date : 03:45 PM Saturday 01 December, 2007

Happenings@CLICK! GO Live! Experience Centre

Another session ,
CLICK! GO LIVE! EXPERIENCE CENTRE cordially extend an invitation all those interested in 'Wedding Photography' to a FREE talk session on this Thursday, 6 December 2007 from 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

Zung of THE PHOTOZ, a well-known wedding photographer in Malaysia will be hosting this talk on 'JOURNALISTIC WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY'

For this FREE talk registration, just log on to:

Also announcing is the new session for CLICK! Beginning DSLR Workshop. Brought back by popular demand, this workshop will happen on 8 and 9 December 2007 [SATURDAY & SUNDAY]

So register today. CHECK Out CLICK! website at: or you may call us at: 03-77266515

Thank you.

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