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1. From : Ivan T. Morgan (
Url : http://
Date : 04:13 PM Monday 02 June, 2003

After two years of wait and regular re-visiting, finally and officially now we have a host ... This is a very HIGH QUALITY website on camera information and the forum should have someone such as Mark be the Boss. I 'd love to help but technically I am a little weak but I think participating is the key and I have finally have the courage to put up my first ever posting on the web now in supporting Mark. Both the Canon A-series and T90 was simply superb in richness of content and has slowly turned into an influential reference site on their own, I hope this spirit can also be transfered to the New F-1 as well ! Cheers !!! p.s. leofoo's name is Leonard ?? now I know. Greetings from Maine.

2. From : Mark Wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 01:17 AM Monday 02 June, 2003

OK I'm wrong I was just in a local camera shop and when asking to look at a beautiful canon 300m f2.8 nFD they had for sale the clerk said "and we have the adapter to use that on your EOS body" I said you mean for macro work he said Oh no for regular work and handed me an adapter made or sold by HAMA that had a recessed optical element That when I asked for a EOS body to try it out worked as far as I could tell thru the viewfinder allowing infinity focus (the extended infinity range on this lens may have been a help here I didn't think to check that) It had a simple lever to stop down the lens and would as far as I could tell allow any Canon FD lens from about 24mm to 800 to be mounted to an EOS camera body and while it would be totally manual stop down metering (ala Canon FL mount) it would seam that we can now mount a Canon FD lens with limited funtion to a EOS film or Digital body !!!! I stand corrected and appologise for not knowing this before my origional post.

PS. Leonard has asked me to help to Moderate this message board and I will do what I can to answer any questions that are brought up to the best of my ability or direct you to resorces that can. And hope this leads to a incressed use of this message board. I will be checking at least four or five time a week to make sure no question is left unaddressed for long. Talk later.

3. From : Mark Wahlster (
Url : http://
Date : 03:46 PM Friday 30 May, 2003

Richard I just posted an answer to the reverse of your question on the T90 page I will post here the part that applies to your question.

The only 2 adapters that Canon ever made between these to styles of mount are the 1.2X FD lens to EF body adapter(sold only thru the Canon Proshop and only long ago)this adapter will only work with lenses over 200mm and the 200mm f2.8 IF nFD and then only those without the square rear baffle same problem as the 1.4X-A extender.The optical element extends into the mount of the FD lens. This adapter has an optical element or elements that give a 1.2X magnification and corrects for the stand off needed to put a FD mount lens to a EF mount body. These sell for around $500.00 on ebay about two or three a year is what I have seen over the last four years of whating ebay almost every day.

The other adapter which is more common is only good for macro work as it has no optical elements and was designed to allow the FD range of bellows and macro equipment to be used on an EF mount body. There are a few FD mount lens to EF body third party adapters BUT as far as I know NONE of these has an optical element in their construction and could only be used at Macro distances.

Canon did not want you to be able to share your lenses with any one using a EF mount body.

Sorry old story sad ending

4. From : Richard Holtom (
Url :
Date : 11:10 AM Tuesday 27 May, 2003

Has anybody used an adaptor to mount a Canon FD lens to a Canon EF mount? I would like my daughter to be able to use some of my old FD lenses on her EF mount camera. I understand there are two kinds, one with an optical element that adjusts the register range (42mm for FD , 44mm for EF)and one with out. The optical one is supposed to allow the lens to adjust to infinity. Are these adaptors still available? Where can you get them? How much? Do they work? Etc. Will they work on all Canon FD mount lenses?

5. From : Jason (
Url : http://
Date : 01:03 AM Monday 26 May, 2003

Hi, I'm new at collecting and I was looking to buy a Canon F1 body... anyone.. where can i was wondering were find it?.. recommend any great sites where I could find nicely priced lenses as well... Thanx -Jay

6. From : Craig Hoehne-Smith (
Url : http://
Date : 07:21 PM Saturday 17 May, 2003

Stumbling across this great site has brought back some great momories and made me a little sad. I was lucky to have a purchased a new "New F1" in the 1980s as an upgrade unit to accompany my AE1. IMHO it was and still is the best thoughtout manual camera system ever made, and the only 35mm SLR cameras which can be compared with the New F1 are the old Leicaflexes. When Canon finally turned their back on FD lenses and hence the F1 I moved over to Leica rangefinder cameras. Only now have I gone back to SLRs (with the lastest Leica) I'm supposed to be lucking having a bag full of Leica gear, But gee I still miss my F1. Its great to see there are folk that that have managed to hang on the their F1s an still putting them to good use. If only we could put todays great optics on them. best regards to all craig

7. From : Peter Kingsley (
Url : http://
Date : 08:23 PM Wednesday 30 April, 2003

Does anyone know where I can buy a Canon FD 85mm 1.2L? Preferably UK

8. From : Mark Barclay (
Url : http://
Date : 05:22 PM Wednesday 30 April, 2003

Hi all, great resource. I bought a F-1 after many years of wanting one. It has a problem. Initially it will take photos, then it stops working, the shutter will not work, the lightmeter does work however. If I leave it for a few days it works again for a few photos then fails again, can onyone shed any light on the subject. I have changed the batteries many times. Best Regards. Mark

9. From : Duane K (
Url : http://
Date : 07:29 AM Tuesday 29 April, 2003

Re bulk film back: Leo's camera in Vancouver (604) 685 5331 had one for the F-1N about a year ago. I haven't looked in there since then. Cheers,

10. From : john (
Url : http://
Date : 10:40 AM Saturday 26 April, 2003

where can i find a bulk film back for the F1? (preferably new, preferably in canada)

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