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Submit any comments that you wish: positive suggestions, constructive criticisms, personal greetings, random musings, whatever you want but MUST be relative to the specific Pentax LX SLR camera(s) or its system accessories. I reserve absolute right to change, modify or remove comments that are non-relative, non-constructive, misleading OR excessively hostile messages posted herein.

Last Reminder: if you are NOT comfortable with this kind of public exposure of your personal email PLEASE use/select a One-Time Email (or creative alternation of your actual email) for this purpose (deletion request of email will NOT be entertained due to heavy workload). To AVOID being lead to unspecific/related external site(s), this board only accepts PLAIN TEXT postings; further, using special HTML tags other than plain text to attract attention is NOT encouraged IF you wish to sell/buy/announce products/services OTHER THAN photographic equipment/services, please make use/test drive the NEW FREE TRADE ZONE section in MIR website.

Lastly, please help to restore the true spirit and cultivate some healthy Internet culture, just make it a more friendlier place to live with.
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