The design of the roof top on the dome at town central reveals the influences and dominance of Christian community.

The new township at the Cityvine Riverside reflects the persistence of Sibu folks in attempting to convert the traditional ways into a modern city.

Air Flight MAS

New town Ship at Sibu

With major airlines operating their respective services, Sibu is so accessible via excellent roads, sea and air routes/system.

Blending between the OLD and NEW - properties sector leads the way.

The misty fountain is a modern landmark in Sibu - serving the young and those who'd like a relaxing evening hang-out. Nice sculptures. It has a different view during DAYTIME.


towncentreMdm.jpg jettyviewA_mdm.jpg sibu_swanfull_mdm.jpg

A scenic view of the town area.

Due to rapid economic progress, suppliers and manufacturers from elsewhere are flocking in to tag a hide, trade fairs, car shows etc...

Possibly the most recognized landmark of Sibu, with the Swan overseeing the old harbour view...

ALL pictures have an explosive view. Download them if you like..

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