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The Chapel Royal of The Emerald Buddha locates in Wat Phra KAEO "kweo, Keao" (Wat Phra Si Rattanasatsadaram), a temple-in-the-palace that hosts the Emerald Buddha. Probably can be regarded as one of the hottest tourist spot in Bangkok as well as Thailand's holiest shrine. It is not "big" in size, measuring merely approx. 66cm tall which crafted out of jade. History suggested it has a far long history than the rich history in the founding of metropolitan Bangkok but its origin was sometimes slightly confusing, one version by some quarters suggested it was "harvested" from Kingdom of Laos but another version was based on another local theory was - it was discovered at a temple with a same name of Wat Phra Kaeo located at Northern Thailand city of Chiangrai back in 1434. Due to its extraordinary appearance/belief, it actually changed hands few times among the few territorial Kings but eventually it was ended in the hand of King Rama I. The annexed, aged Wat Anun to the current location of Royal Grand Palace was the first Bangkok temple that hosted the migrated Emerald Buddha from the north before it was eventually placed at the current Wat Phra Kaeo inside the compound of the Grand Royal Palace in 1785. It is a tradition the King of Thailand changes the outfit in correspondence to the four changes in four seasons. Many Thai folks think it is the guarding image for the continual economical growth and prosperity of Bangkok over the last 250 + years.

Capturing the picture can be damn challenging. Tourists are prohibited from taking pictures inside. I have to shot and live with the dim internal ambient light from a distant outside one of the window. You have to avoid moving crowds near the window, wait for right timing as well as a steady hand. The successful capture was possible by placing the camera on top of the shoulder of one of my friend to counter the slow shutter speed (1/4 sec. at ASA 50) to avoid blurry image. I got one right out of four trials. Here is a QTVR movie prepared by THAINET of its interior OR another more accurate related information on Emerald Buddha.


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