Wat PHO (PHU or PO) with the famous Sleeping /Reclning Buddha image, Bangkok (203k) Loading ...

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Wat Pho ("Wat Phu", "Wat Pu" or "Wat Po"), with a long Thai name as Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn, is famous for its Reclining Buddha statue which measures 46 meters long and 15 meters tall. To those who may have tried out Thai Traditional Massage, you may notice the sequence and technique used are virtually the same because it was the origin of all Traditional Massage. It is just located behind the more famous Royal Palace cum Emerald Buddha in the Wat Phra Kaeo; However, the entire compound of this temple occupies nearly 20 acres of land which makes it the largest Thai temple (Wat) in Bangkok. Technically speaking, along with Wat Anun which lies across the Chao Praya river, both are older than the Wat Phra Kaeo and the Grand Palace. When the Thai retreated from the ruins of the former capitals Ayuthaya and Sukhothai, many antique artifacts (mostly Buddha Images) were moved here. Wat Pho represents an important icon for the Rattanakosin period's Buddhist fine arts. Many Thai reffered the location as the first university for Thailand but more famous in its populartiy as the center for Massage technique in modern days (you can still try out (or even takes up lession) here at a fairly reasonable rate if you are tired walking around this huge compound). A modest entrance fee of just 20 bahts was charged (you can hire a local guide, but must bargain). Temple admin. +662) 221 2974 or +662 225 4771. Another view. Here is the OFFICIAL SITE of Wat PHO (PO, or PHU).


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