Snake Temple, George Town (Penang), Malaysia

History suggested, the establishment of the historical Penang Snake Temple (Also c called Cheng Shui Giam" was originated from three Monks who traveled from China settled south at the current location. They brought along a statue of Cheng-Swee_Zu_Shi (some pronounced as "Cheng Swee Chor Soo", or simply as Cheng Shui Gong; "Zu-shi" is an honorable title which interprets as "an eminent historic figure who is continuously reversed by a community for generations". The Monks had medical knowledge and offered their services attended to local needs. In 1873 during the colonial days of George Town being the admin centre for East India Company operation in the far east, a British settler named David Brown donated the piece of land to the three Monks after they cured his illness, that was when the temple was first built. According the local legend, the snakes from nearby hilly region began to swamp into the temple and somehow they were all tamed by Cheng-Swee_Zu_Shi. The snakes in this temple never attack visitors and people who came here to worship often serve the snakes with eggs. Other Views
A - current state| B | C - original statue

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Snake temple at 19th century