Promtional Leaflet on the new production of Soomdej Bangkhunprom with Katta PGAE ONE

Soomdej BANGKHUNPROM with Chinakmanjong KATTA at the rear section in Gold/Silver/Bronze by Wat Inthraviharn ("Wat IN")

Special production of 10-Old molds Edition Set by Wat Rahkang, Rakang 2008/2551 B.E.

Introduction of Wat Rakhang/Rakang 10 old molds Limited Edition Series - Year 2008 / 2551 B.E.

Soomdej Wat Rakhang 100 Years Commeorative Edition, 2539

Introduction of Wat Rakhang/Rakang
100 Years Commeorative Special Edition
2539 B.E.