was built in 1929. Probably can be regarded as the first Thai Buddhist temple in Kuala Lumpur (Another Ceylonese temple at Brickfields near Sentral traffic hub was constructed earlier). It was located near the ever busy roundabout of Pekeliling Flats, Jalan Pahang (near Tawakal Hospital). There are two entry routes that lead into the temple with quite a convenient car parking facilities (First, you turn into the road from Tawakal hospital and all the way going inside until it meets with a junction, then turn LEFT, however, route may has some parking lots issue with the flats nearby. The easier way is to drive directly into the temple compound via the the tunnels of the Pekeliling roundabout but most would find it more confusing. Anyway, try to avoid going on Friday's Prayer as parking is a major issue with thousands of Muslims devotees performing their Friday's Prayer of the Mosque/Surau next to it.

One of the most distinctive scene associates with this Thai temple is, GREEN. As everywhere are TREES ....

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Main Hall entrance area for Wat Meh Liew,  with amble car park on its compound

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