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Wat Pak Nam Logo _transparent   The great late abbot of Wat Pak Nam, Chao Khun Phra monkolthepmuni (Sodh Candasaro 10.10.1884~03.02.1959 / 2427-2502 B.E.) or more popularly known as Luang Phor Sodh by followers, enjoys a very highly respectable status among all the Guru Monks in Thailand. He was widely regarded as the founder in rediscovering a method of Vijja Dhamakaya tradition - an approach to meditation had been lost sometime during the first five hundred years following the passing away of Lord Buddha. He received rank of Phra Bhavankoksolthera in 1949, followed by Phra Mongkol rajmuni and two years before his death at 75 years old, and eventually was conferred as Phra monkolthepmuni in 1957. Today, his teaching was widespread across continents with many institutions worldwide to promote and distributing this unique tradition. The famed image form of Wat Pak Nam amulet was originated with an idea in 1950 (2493 B.E.) as a tool in fund raising for establishing a large scale dhamma school at Wat Pak Nam, many great legends and stories lines have helped to popularize this original image form by the great guru. Today, images produced by the Master has become one of the most sort after amulets for amulet believers and collectors alike. The site was created with an intention to convey my personal respect as well as providing a brief introduction for all Wat Pak Nam enthusiasts by one of the greatest Thai Guru monk of modern times.
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Address: WAT PAK NAM No. 8 Therdthai Road, Bhasicharoen (Phasi Charoen), Bangkok 10600 Kingdom of Thailand. Tel: 600-4670811, 4574001

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