May be some of you have seen these posters being displayed near KLCC/ESSO buildings, huh ? Yeah.. sadly, that was from me. My 20, 15 & 1-1/2 years old possession was lost during a rush for cover in the shower at night during a photographic session near the construction site around Kia Peng / Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

There were many foreign workers around the area and chances of recovering these long time companion can be very slim. Anyway, they may just ended up being disassembled by those who may not know how to appreciate them or just being disposed to a new owner. I am sad... but on a brighter side, may be they have decided to find a new host ... hopefully, the new owner can take
good good care of them ...

The "RM1.000-00" reward is meant more for whoever that has picked up the amulets and may not know the true value of them (minus the sentimental part). The Khun Paen (far left image, I have provided their respective names for you here) was given to me by Uncle Wichien, Soomdej Kes-Chaiyao (far right) & the Nang Phraya (center) was a gift from Mdm Wannee. Don't know how to tell both of them them now.... for some of you who may (by any chance) get hold of any of them, please don't bother to ask for excessive monetary gain trying to sell back to me as I cannot afford to buy them back from you. So, assuming they are yours now - please take good care of them for me and hopefully they will bring peace, good health and prosperity to you, your loved ones at home & your businesses - as they did for me for the last two decades. I sincerely hope they will land in the hands of a good host. Thank you.

Just wish to update whoever that may have been concerned for what has happened: after 1-1/2 month since I lost three of my collection, I have recovered them along with the original necklace fully intact - courtesy of a caring Thai worker and a helpful Chinese Contractor that returned the amulets to me. It may sounds unbelievable, but I am truly glad to have get them back.... and this page is just to archive this episode as well as serves to remind me to handle amulets more carefully in the future. But it was undeniable that during that period, I have lost a little faith in the belief, where I kept wonder what has gone wrong... well, but now that what happened next has restored my confidence again. Thanks to whoever that relates in this incident, because you probably might not have understand what you has done means to me as a believer.

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