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One of the most distinctive-looking tablet among all available Thai votive images is Phra Pitta or simply as "Pitta". It can easily be recognized as the image has a round structure with his pair of hand covering the face which could misled many to believe it was a ritual image rather than a formal religious image that relates to Buddhism. However, the origin of this was believed to be a form of evolution through the transformation of the God of Fortune, or Sangajayana - popularly referred to as "Sangaja" by some locals. Phra Pitta has many forms, sizes and even the choice of materials in producing this image. Older versions may be produced with the combination of either holy powder (probably the most common types of material used) or with metals such as silver, iron and in some cases, ivory-tusk or wood.

Enlarged View(s): Front section (108k); Rear section(103k). Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004

I believe Phra Pitta has a very strong following as it is easily one of the most seen tablets showcased on the many display racks in shops that specialize on trading Buddha Images. I often overheard shop owners trying to explain what purpose this image serves to the owner - where one strong belief is, it offers protection to the wearer and "seal" the mouth(s) of those who intends to bad-mouth the owner...(probably due to the abnormal pose of covering his face with his hands). Well, a more acceptable explanation should be a good fortune turnaround or effects as based on its origin from Sangajayana; next, it also provides invulnerability or impenetratability to the external evil minds, where, fundamentally, all religious amulets should offer as the core element - to protect.

I don't have many Phra Pitta except the one that my long time Thai friend gave me and my partner 10 years ago. On a recent business trip to Bangkok, I intended to bring along a few extra Images to visit a few temples for chanting and prayers by Monks. An old monk told me the LP Kaew was made by WAT KRAWANG, CHUNBURI a few decades ago. As I am nobody to doubt his remarks, I hope if any of you have any clue or confirmation to this, please e-mail me. Thank You.

Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004

pittaPaulfrontMdm.jpg phrapittafoofrnBtMdm.jpg phrapittafooRearMdm.jpg pittaphrakaeowMdm.jpg
Another rare piece of a lovely mini-Pitta image from Wat Phra Kaeo (above, far right) Front View (108k)

The interesting image from Wat Krawan, Chunburi has a tiny ball encased inside oddly shaped rear section of its body. Anyway, if anyone of you have any of the differing versions from these displayed here, you can send in yours to beef up the content of this site. Credit: My partners Mr. Paul Lim. Far left image is my personal collection while the one appears on the main page of this site belongs to my Thai friend.

Large (Far Left) (109k) Large (center) (108k) Rear Section)(25k)

Please note this favourite tablet is also one of the most copied image on the market as it is quite favoured among the teens. There are many replicas of this tablet which come in different sizes, colours and forms and they are selling quite well in numbers. However, one misled interpretation by young local user is, they thought this tablet is a good protective image for street/gang fighting (come one .... even if I don't have the adequate knowledge to command a just remark but still I don't think that is the true teaching of the Buddhism to encourage its followers to go street fighting. Well, whatever it is, if this is your favorite image, just be careful when you intend to acquire one for personal use, since it is an open secret that there could be many faked tablets around in the market, so, it is advisable for you to refer to a few experienced veteran collectors to identify their originality prior to any heavy financial commitment.





<<< --- Credit: Five old/new Phra Pitta images were contributed by Mr. Wichian Pracheratmurni®, Thailand. Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004






Front section (63k)

Front section (65k)

Front section (51k)

Front View (63k)






Rear section (95k)

Rear section (63k)

Rear section (48k)

Rear View (60k)







Courtesy of Mdm Wannee®
Front section

Front view (155k)Rear view (143k)
Uncle Wichien®

Front| Rear (48k, 108k)
Courtesy Col.
Samay Soontara®

Uncle Wichien®





Pidtta LP Nark Front Pidtta LP Nark Rear/Back

External Website

Phrakawam Bodi
AND Phra Pitta Maha Ut Teahouse/1428/prapitta.htm

Pitta Wat Gao-O, Phathalung, S. Thailand

Front View (88k) | Rear View (96k)

Pitta Wat Pak-Sa, Phathalung

Front View (83k) | Rear View (111k)

Pidta LP Nark

Malaysian native Pidta images by Tok Raja from Wat Utamaram, Kelantan, Malaysia

Here are a series of the form of Pidta Buddhist Amulet produced by RAW and NATIVE Malaysian Buddhist Thai Temples. Shown at the left hand side is a Pidta image, possession of Mr. Raymond Goh', made by the famous local Guru Monk, Tok Raja of Wat Utamaram, State of Kelantan which is near the Malaysian Thai Border. The images displayed at the bottom left hand side are front and rear section view of a produce of Wat Buppharam, Penang which hosts the famous Lifting Buddha, Luong Phor York.

Wat Bupparam, Penang Pidta Buddhist amulet front view

Wat Bupparam, Penang Pidta Buddhist amulet Rear section view

Stan Thong's Pidta Buddhist amulet Front section view

Stan Thong's Pidta Buddhist amulet Rear section view

Pidta Buddhist Amulet, Wat Buppharam, Penang Front View (236k) | Rear View (220k)

Stan Thong's Pidta, WAT NAI, LP Dam, Sg Kolok, Thailand. Front View (83k) | Rear View (85k)

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