Phra Soomdej
Front View
118k Jpeg

Phra Soomdej
Front View
121k Jpeg

Phra Soomdej
Front View
116k Jpeg

Phra Soomdej Front View

Unverified image
Front View | Rear View
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Unverified image
Front View | Rear View
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Phra Soomdej Rear View

Phra Soomdej Rear Section

LP Thuad
Front View | Rear View
48k | 68k Jpeg

Unverified Image
Front View | Rear View
35k / 37k Jpeg

Ipohnunpohtuatfront.jpg IpohnunpohtuatRear.jpg


+06-012-5388633 +605-5475499
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(Place of work. Click for an enlarged View)

936, Lorong Bercham 2, Kg Bercham, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

An "award winning" old LP Thuad Image

I have a friend who works as an "Equalizer". I think probably when there are religious beliefs, there bound to have such specialized services offer to those in needs... this friend of mine whom I got to get acquainted 5 years ago offers a very specialized kind of services in handling certain "abnormal situations" for some people who may or are in trouble where they may need a "workable" religious solution. Furthermore, I am not sure where he picked up the skill in knowing how to write ancient Indian / Buddhist scripts - it is like a kind of spiritual drawing/patterns - either on a piece of cloth or onto a thin bronze plates (some smaller ones are used for inserting underneath the medium scale Buddhist statues). I learnt that when he was young, he has spent a stint of two years in India to undergo a Buddhist cycle process to become a monk at the holy birth place of Lord Buddha. And probably he learnt the scripts from the Guru monks over there. Whatever it is, over the years, this friend of mine has made a name for himself around the northern Malaysian states in Perak, Kedah and Penang for his special kind of services. In fact, only lately I got to know he was quite famous in this "trade" at the northern states and he actually has quite a following in the Klang Valley as well. Recently, I visited him once, where he gave me a few of his collection for me to take a few snaps to prepare for this section of the site. You may contact him directly if you need to ask further questions relating to whatever services he can provide, trust me - whatever it is, whether you believe his services will work or not is not an important issue, but he is really a nice person to be a friend, I enjoy our friendship very much.

Phra Keau by Chao Khun Nor Phra Keau by Chao Khun Nor, Rear View

Soomdej Phim lan WRK

Soomdej BKP

Soomdej Wat Mai Thong Sen

Phra Keau Chao Khun Nor Front | Rear View

Soomdej Phim lan WRK

Rear Section
135k Jpeg

Soomdej BKP
Front View
| Rear View
48k | 68k Jpeg

Soomdej Wat Mai Thong Sen
Front View
| Rear View
35k / 37k Jpeg

L Phor YiM, Wat Ngai Wnag L Phor YiM, Wat Ngai Wang  Rear

LP Thuad 2497

LUang Phor Ngern front

LUang Phor Ngern Rear

L Phor YiM, Wat Ngai Wang Front | Rear View

LP Thuad 2497 Phim Glang 135k Jpeg

Luang Phor Ngern Front View | Rear View

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