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Wat Pak Nam version 4 courtesy
of Mr. Legent Lim
® MD of FFCM

Nak Prok of Mr. HT Chin®
Front View (96k)

The huge Soomdej WRK that places
along with office's Nang Kwak

The Nang Kwak installed at my FFM office 15 years ago (see below)

NangkwakAfrontmdm.jpg NangkwakARearMdm.jpg NangkwakAsidebMdm.jpg nangkwak2frntMdm.jpg nangkwak2RearMdm.jpg nangkwak2SideaMdm.jpg
Nang Kwak Pilun Front Nang Kwak Pilun Back view






Nang Kwak, Phra Pilun, WRK

A newer version but good Soomdej WRK

Unverified image courtesy
of Mr. ERIC Yong
® MIRnet

Courtesy of Eric Siow®
Front | Rear (10k | 85k)

The Nang Kwak image installed on the wall of my office was prepared by my Thai friend in 1988. The popular image was something that translate as the Lady God of Fortune - something that very original with a strong Thai flavour. Some of the images can have her hand raised in left or right (or even BOTH). The image was accompanied by another larger piece of votive image in Soomdej Warankang, which was given to me 5 years ago. Well, good thing is, many of my staff in the office are now also being influenced and most of them are having a tablet with them as well... each time my Thai friend comes to Kuala Lumpur, he will perform a ritual praying and chanting for me.

This Nan gKwak ('The Goddess of Fortune" was not installed by my Thai friend, instead, when I moved to a new room of my own upstairs of my original office a couple of years ago, I decided to have a separate Nang Kwak installed in my own room. I went round to look for one at a few local shop that specializes on trading Thai amulets and found this lovely, very well-crafted bronze-metal version of a Nang Kwak. The framed ritual script that locates at the side was given by my Thai friend - I am not sure what was it meant but probably it is something that relates to good fortune. Well, human nature, I won't resist such kind offering, hehe.

<< ---Installation in my own room CLICK HERE for some write-ups relating to Phra Nang Kwak. Copyright-free image collection. leofoo® 2004




  janefrontBIGviewmdm.jpg janeRearBIGviewmdm.jpg
flwimage6.jpg <<< --- A Triangular image given to me by my Thai mentor. where I later, gave away to my sister in law as she asked for one for her new career. Pendant courtesy from my sister in law, Miss Jane Ang ® (68k| 63k) MORE .....
  <<< --- Three popular versions of the LP Thuad. The far left image was using holy-powder - scaled at almost life-sized was given by my friend from Ipoh. The center image is quite hard to find now, but you can easily get a miniature amulet from any retail shops as it's the most popular version for LP Thuad. Many people believe this image is best for attaining safety and prosperity of businesses. In fact, many Chinese termed it as the God of Vehicle and you can find many Thai pendant enthusiasts installing one of these at the dashboard of their vehicle. The Legends and stories behind LP Thuad.

LP Thuad - a popular
herbs/powdered version (

LP Thuad

mini LP Thuad (





wanneeDRearMdm.jpg hongsnagajaifrontMdm.jpg hongsnagajaiRearMdm.jpg

Soomdej Staff collection

Courtesy of Ms Hu W H®
Front View (83k)

Courtesy of Mdm Wannee®
Front (108k) Rear (71k)

Sangajai Courtesy of Ms Hu W H®
| Front View (79k) Rear View (91k)

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