WARNING: Content in this PRIVATE section of my web site carries some religious flavour. As each and everyone has their own personal religious belief and if you feel this is not your cup of tea, you may CLICK HERE to EXIT from this site. Thank You.

Firstly, I have to admit a few things prior to your further browsing in this website:- I am NOT a collector, a seasoned grader nor an expert in portable Thai religious Buddha imageries. Neither I am a die-hard devotee of religious beliefs because I think whatever schools of practices we believe, of primary importance is how should we maintain some basic guidelines in dealing with one's conscience and handling inter-human relationship - such as respect others, don't cheat or hurt others for benefits of oneself. Well, as a normal life form living in this simple yet complicated little blue planet that's ever flooded with moving intelligence and conflicting thoughts, human weaknesses at certain weak state may sometimes call for the intangibles for guidance. That essentially forms the basis of how each school of religions originated and it will continue to exist as long as there are human beings exist in this world. Strangely, religious belief by their respective nature can be just as simple in their respective teachings, it is only the differing levels of intelligence that complicate inter-human relationship - anyway, this is NOT a site that intends to provoke opposing minds that think "my God is BIGGER than yours ...." as such kind of speeches came out from the mouth of a low-IQ will only raise/encourage conflicts, hate and aggression towards others. Besides, I don't think such kind of thinking reflects any basic religious teaching as well. From the perspective of a hobbyists, or someone that appreciates an ancient art form or in the capacity as a true believer, this website bridges all who may share similar passion (or common belief "the thing" will work for them).

A PERSONAL NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN BROWSING AROUND IN THIS SITE: An unverified source said the Kingdom of Thailand has approx. 30,000 temples built over the years and probably there are hundreds of thousand or even million of amulets being produced thus far, so, in front of the many seasoned veteran collectors - None of my showcased collectibles have anything to shout about. But these tablets are all I have seen and it forms the basis of how this site was built upon. Please ignore my ignorance if there are anything that I commented in the site that may upset some stomach... thanks.

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At my age, I have to confess there were many times when I have to tell a few white lies to equalize some headaches in life (both at home or work place). Well, regardless of what were the intentions - in the eyes of the holy religious-minded believers of Buddhism, Christianity or Islam... those little negative things that you have committed can actually also be classified under a kind of sin too. So, from my early hard fought youthful days to earn a living in the urban city of Kuala Lumpur onwards - I cannot be qualify truly as a good religious promoter.

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So, my first exposure towards religious belief began about 20 years ago... a Thai lady friend handed me a votive tablet explaining to me that she has "converted" her belief to Christianity, I should have her collection instead, where she hopes they may bring "good luck & fortune" for my career. Well, half convinced, I accept it - that was how I got my first amulet.

Coincidentally, a few years later, I met an elderly Thai monk who came to Kuala Lumpur. He has strangely decided to "retire" from 2-1/2 decades of disciplined lifestyle to "resume" back to normal life as an ordinary man on the street (All these years, I have never asked him the reasons behind the decision but I do know he has a son and a wife prior to converting himself to Buddhism many many years ago). Frankly, you have to understand in the Buddhism-commanding Thailand, the Thai practices a quite a different form in worshiping the religion from other parts of the world. You can call it as a freethinking type of religious belief towards Buddhism. Although this form of practice evolving along with their local culture, history and how the Kingdom progresses over the last few centuries, the basic principles of Buddhism remain as the core framework to their soul-searching beliefs. So, the old man suggested to me why don't I installed a Buddha image inside my office to "boost" my businesses. As a manner of good gesture for an elderly advice but more likely, as I think I lacked the sense of confidence at that time, during which I was just starting a small trading business on my own, thus, I accepted his suggestion. That was how it began with this very unique type of religious journal and naturally, between us - our personal Malaysian/Thai friendship also flourished from there.

I think my Thai friend quite like me right from the beginning. Each time he comes to Malaysia, he will always dropped by at my office to "turbocharged" my installation(s) via hour-long recitation of religious prayers. You can call it strange or simply just coincidental, my businesses took off very smoothly since then. I don't deny that it has helped me accumulating a small wealth over all these years. Over the years, he has also given me quite a number of votive tablets but I always redistributed them to my immediate family members as well as personal friends. Well, as a form of respect, each time after he performed the ritual prayers, usually I will slip some money into his pocket for his daily expenses for him when he returns to Thailand. And the similar cycles have repeated over for the last 20 odd years. So, as time goes by - the number of given tablets also slowly topping up in numbers (but I think he knows I distribute many of them away too, ha ha...).
Well, lately, my Thai mentor began passing me on with some of his personal collection and told me to take good care of them. When I asked him why, he said he is getting aged and would like me to keep some of his collection for him. So, the original intention of this site mainly serves to cheer up an old friend of mine via a electronic medium that I am best at. It is showcasing some of the amulets he possesses as well as broadening his scopes of exposures (naturally, I hope his knowledge should not be confined between the two of us alone, not to mention he can make more friends along the way, huh ? ). In the mean time, I am also making use of this convenience to share with you those units that I am keeping and of which my immediate family members are using (need not to mention, all those units are given by him). Well, as an extension to the original objective, I am also taking this opportunity to list some prized collections of my friends. Whatever it is, my primary objective is aiming to pay my personal thank you note to the old man I respect so much as a friend all these years. Naturally, all the displayed pendants in this site are NOT for SALE (neither I am interested in getting to know how much would they worth because simply it defies the basic spirit of true friendship). However, OTHER THAN my personal collection which I absolutely have NO intention to dispose any of them for financial gain (Errr ... just wish to maintain a status as a high-class bastard with a little self-respect principle in my life...). Nevertheless, if you wish to find out whether some of the specific displayed tablets which are being indicated as not my personal procession but are for disposal or not, you are always welcome to follow the trail at the credit section to ask the respective owner(s). Thank you.

NOTE: If you are new to this - perhaps I should highlight an interesting fact to you before you begin from this page: I would say the Thai people has a very different way of thinking & practice from other countries that worship Buddhism as a religion. Probably the rich historical culture and strong nationalism in them which has resulted in their strong favourism in adopting many local legends as their preferred amulets/pendants. As for the pages that are spread out on this site, there are only a handful of displayed collections that use Lord Buddha as primary image. However, you MUST understand in Buddhism, Lord Buddha should be position above all evolving forms but nevertheless, amulets with local legends, in particular the Guru Monks, are slowly generating a loyal following among the Thai - probably the public thinks they serve as a more realistic figures with respective rich historical legend, and can act as a medium who can bridge them closer to Lord Buddha to echo their prayers.

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