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While taking this last shot of the deliciously looking 'Rambutans fruits' next door, I still have to scream N yell my head off

Hurry, hurry ! Esther, we are late for school... '

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Friends said I was absolutely crazy to retire at 42 but they never can understand mentally how it was like after suffering from a heart attack; I just gave myself a treat by taking these images on a sunny morning at my first week of retirement to reflect how I felt on that particular morning. It was a nice feeling to hold a camera again... after the many years of WORK, WORK and WORK .... These pages were created sometime ago back in 1997, since then as I have shifted to live at the City Centre and reverting back to my previous WORKing routine of 16 hours a day ... Frankly, it was so boring for not having anything to do but I do miss how I felt that morning

For photographers, Exposures: Do you bother ? I don't... - leofoo -

MORE.. purely for visual satisfaction but to sme, it minuses irritating comments
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