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I have never considered myself a big follower of the F-1. But I can still remember quite clearly about those days of the LOTUS. Yeap, that was the only brand I knew that was associated with F-1, but that was a long time ago. And the trade name "LOTUS" is belonged to Malaysia now. I should show you a handsomely crafted Roader it introduced recently which was highly acclaimed among car critics and fans.

What changed me was the availability of satellite TV service such as
ASTRO which broadcast almost every race of the FIM's World Motorcycle championship and later with FIA's Formula 1 championship, other than most of the live soccer matches throughout Europe. There were two things, first Malaysia has successfully bided for the organisation of the FIM World Motorcycle Championship in 1995 and later was appointed by FIM to organise another leg of the World Formula 1Championship. A brand new cicuit was built for that purpose to host for two of the world's prestigious motorsports annual events; FIM 500cc World Motorcycle Grand Prix and FIA Formula One Championship. Located just a few kilometer away from the new KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) making the Sepang Cicuirt as even more convenient spot for both foreign spectators as well as participating teams.

My Internet company,
MIR communications Sdn Bhd was also being awarded a contract to design an official website for both events as well as for development progress of SIC. Strangely, I have never been to any of the races that was held so far - primarily because I prefer to let go the seat to my staffs and lket them gain some expereince and exposure how to maintain online broadcasting result in such international event management.

But little I realize all those media in the papers and as well as electronic media could 'groom' a young little follower at home who knows so much about F-1 events and motor cyclists like Max Biaggi, Alex Creville etc than the old block. I am not a good father, but at least I know what my son there we are, I took an generous offer from a friend that gave the seats just opposite the pit-stop, the start and the finishing line at the grand stand (It proved to be not a particularly wise decision..esp with a kid around you). Anyway, in a sattelite TV, the atmosphere at the pit stop were usually highly suspense and exciting to see the crew fighting for seconds to change wheels, refueling and blast off to the race track I thought that would be a better option than the twist and turn corners and a long straight at the other side of the grand stand.

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Sepang F-1 Circuit, Kuala Lumpur - Home of the Red-Bull Sauber Petronas Team.

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Credit: My friends, EricYong, FWL and KH Tan, who generously provided me with the tickets. CYLEow, Picture Editor of the Star Newspaper for using one of this image (and many images in the photo gallery section in Malaysian GP site. Site created 'unfortunately' again with a PowerMac Broadcasting with a Linux Redhat server. A tribute to all the people (Including both the governing bodies of World's Motor Sports for World Championship -FIA and FIM that have so much confidence in us) that have made this Formula 1 race in my country with such a tremendous success. Also dedicated to my loving son, Alvin Foo. Cheers!