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Personal: This was my first ever experience of attending an actual Formula One racing. although my Company MIR has been awarded* the contract to design the official website for both the World Motorcycle championship s well the the F-1 site where I thought we did a pretty good job (6 Million hits on its race day, not bad huh ?). It was also very memorable because it was my FIRST OUTING since I discharged from the Institute Jantung Negara ("IJN") which actually is our National Heart Institute and overcome some tough psychological disturbances. Next, an even MORE meaningful thing is - it was also my first private outing with my loving son who happened to be a BIG FAN of Team Ferrari...

Will I ever go for a race again ? Depends very much on my son - you have children too, right ? They are my world.

* External Interference caused us the contract at third year and we were volunteered to maintain it during race day as the contractor has evaporated during the entire season.


Sepang F-1 Circuit, Kuala Lumpur - Home of the Red-Bull Sauber Petronas Team.

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Credit: My friends, EricYong, FWL and KH Tan, who generously provided me with the tickets. CYLEow, Picture Editor of the Star Newspaper for using one of this image (and many images in the photo gallery section in Malaysian GP site. Site created 'unfortunately' again with a PowerMac Broadcasting with a Linux Redhat server. A tribute to all the people (Including both the governing bodies of World's Motor Sports for World Championship -FIA and FIM that have so much confidence in us) that have made this Formula 1 race in my country with such a tremendous success. Also dedicated to my loving son, Alvin Foo. Cheers!