Scars '69

This year is the 30th anniversary of the tragedy we had in May 13th 1969. This was captured the afternoon at the city centre at a road sign where some extremists scratched "May 13th" to gain some political support. The tension was to immense that afternoon and eventually "Operasi Lalang" has to execute by Dr Mahathir to calm the enormous tense situation down by a massive arrest of certain quarter of irresponsible politicians who used racial issues to stir the emotion of the public.

We have avoided a similar disaster as the one in 1969.

Since then, to live happily in a multi racial community, we have learnt how to respect other's religion, custom and beliefs. To us - racial harmony and political stability is our priorities, human rights, press freedom are secondary.

Forget about a controlled media like CNN or BBC etc with publishing standard of suspected differing motive and agenda.

I am a Malaysian - a happy one !
I have the right to dictate my own way of life.

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