ET camera ?
No, it is the Aerotronica 69 by Linhof for aerial photography.
Lenses from 75mm to 500mm, top speed 1/500 sec.

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A MUST see site from Singapore by
Gerald Gay. Not becoz' he too is a Mac user, but his works and the site design that have really amazed me.

Bill Wright, fine art documentary photographer. "There is an army of photographers documenting the world's tragedies, but few are documenting the positive attributes of humanity....". An award winning website, superb content, only slight let down by poor handling of scanning, but may be that was intentional to protect publisher's copyrights.

Glenn Tharp
from New Philadelphia, Ohio USA sent me these links. These are some of the master of the medium and least expect they have homepage now, great.

Pete Turner -
Eric Meola -
Galen Rowell -

Nature and Wildlife Photography by Byron Jorjorian. Primarily a stock photographer's site. This gallery of the natural world is divided into several mini portfolios : wildlife, scenic, abstracts, concepts, and closeups. The landscapes, flowers, birds, and animals found here are from all over North and Central America.

How about some oriental stuffs from Japan ? We are Asian and here are some representations from Japan: Photos of flowers, cloud, Landscapes...I hope to see more like this.

The Award-Winning nature photography of Thomas D. Mangelsen. Great reference site for nature photographers.

Superb imagery by William Coupon. I am more impressed by his Social Studies: (Portraits of the World's Subcultures) series. he used the site to sell his picture as well (somehow spoilt the taste a little but he is a full time pro who based on the medium to make a living). A rare site uses frame architecture creatively.

Digital Photography of Tom Sheehan Digital photos of the Boston Harbor Island Peddocks Island, Norwell's North River, Castle Island South Boston. Cohasset Harbor, Scituate, Marshfield and Norwell. Civil War battlefield photos of Antietam, Cold Harbor, Manassas. Digital macro insect images

Ralph Gibson's "light year site".", with some awards from "L'Histoire de France ""150 Years of Photography" Award, Photographic Society of Japan, 1988 Leica Medal of Excellence Award

Dave Wyman - the Director of Image Quest website (created Image Quest in 1982). His photographs and articles have appeared in Backpacker, Outdoor Photographer, Cross-Country Ski, Outside, and several other magazines. I "found" him in the Olympus gallery, he conducts workshops on outdoor photography as well, plenty of good images hosting here. Great for those interested in wildlife & nature photography. Extremely friendly fellow, try write to him and "screeze" some tips ! (Updated)

Someone mailed me this link. Those who are interested in wildlife and nature must look at this site. There are hundreds of images here - not just in quantity but with quality too.

Polaroid Photographer ? Take a look, the site has some real good stuffs in here.

Interesting to see how a foreign photographer portray some Asian countries through the viewfinder. This Web Site features a selection of documentary and press photographs taken by Valeriu Campan in places like Nepal, Romania, Australia, Thailand, and a selection of stills from some of the film he shot as a cinematographer.

Can anyone inter-relates Cigar with Viewfinder ? Renowned photographer Paul Gremmler is now has decided to turn the lens toward one of his other loves - fine cigars. I can't locate his personal home page, but the Cigar works is very creative.

A photographer and printmaker making dye transfer prints. What are dye transfer prints and why are they so special? A good resource site for specific subject.

Jay Malonson, has been making photographs for the Associated Press bureau in Boston along with a group of local newspapers in a freelance capacity. Via the AP, his photographs have appeared in many newspapers, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, The Detroit Free Press, The Boston Globe...presently searching for freelance opportunities in commercial, editorial, and sports, and I am also considering full time representation..

Fernando Bergamaschi, live and work in Brazil. Fulltime professional photographer specilises in industrial photography. There are two URLs presenting his works, recommend to take a ride:

Andreas Barth, Sweden - who maintains the 'Taiga PhotoGallery' has some interesting images hosting within. May be a slight drawback with the 'watermarks' that run across the images. There are some 'give away' as wallpaper. This should be encouraged.

"Redd's Photo Museum" An On-line photo exhibition centre based in Taiwan. Available both in English as well as in Chinese.

Nicholas Pitt from Sweden has a very creative web site mainly on travel photography and digital photography. He may even help you to sell some of your travel pictures. (Updated)

Peter Walker, from Queensland, Australia loves scuba diving and photography. His favorite camera is his 6 x 7 Bronica GS/1 and Nikonos V. I wish he could put in more images in his site - he certainly has a distinctive eyes for beauty.

A Singaporean photographer has his work ported in the US. Very well designed website. Photos are for sale as well.

Polaroid image by a Taiwanese photographer,
Chris Wong. The site has Chinese and English version and should be a welcoming for my fellow countrymen that speaks and read Manderin. I wish to have more photographers from Taiwan and the mainland China to form a web ring.

Sijmen Hendriks, freelance photographer from the Netherlands. Present his works featuring landscapes and work from Nepal , India, Morocco and the Netherlands Very well designed site, clean, neat and direct - just as his photography.

Reportage on Line .An UK based web site with contributions from a number of photographers, including Eleanor Curtis, Marcus kaufhold, Michael Hintlian and a regular visitor to this site, Christian Becker. Stunning black and white images, not to be missed.

This is the web site of
Aric Cheah, of AJ Studio, a fellow Malaysian. The pages were well designed, mostly stock photos. Good coverage for Malaysia, a recommended visit for the foreigners.

Ready for more breath-taking pictures? Visited the Portfolio of photographer
Richard Dong, another Nikon user. Pictures are extremely well scanned. Great work!!

For some pictures of Berlin, Germany, and beyond visit the pages of Jurgen Stumpe. Don't miss the travel photos.

Bazuki Muhammad, a photojournalist from Malaysia. An architect turned photographer, featured some of his work here. Well worth a visit.

Jimmy Katz is a commercial photographer from New York. Check up his works with jazz musician here.

Misha Gordin grew up in Russia and trained as an Aviation Engineer, but photography is his greatest passion. His photograpy web site, entitiled "conceptual photography" is very imposing and filled with emotion. Not to be missed!

The interesting web site of
Yuji Nishimoto featureed some very unusual digital images. It is heavily skewed towards 3D modeling with plenty of tips on 3D modeling. A tutorial is also provided. Well worth your time to drop by!

Brain Conklin, a portrait and wedding photographer from Pittsburgh. See how Brain managed to capture the mode, personality and integrity of his subject through his lenses. His gallery on Infra-red images is among the best I have seen in the cyber space.

Jenny Chu was born in 1967 in England to a Chinese mother and Malaysian father. She was raised in California USA. Check up her images from China, focued on the minority ethnic groups of China, and experience in Jenny's words : "the incredible array of faces, colors, fabrics, artwork, architecture, languages and customs which remain memorialized in my mind's eye, forged by the beauty of character and strength of spirit I witnessed through my encounters with the people of that land"

Eddie Gerald, a freelance photographer from Tel Aviv, Israel. His well designed web site contains a portfolio section showing some samples of his works.

"Living In Thailand" is the tiltle of the photography web pages of
Kim YoonKi. Kim is a Korean now based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a self taught photographer, and had only took up photography seriously for less than 2 years. He has a sharp preception for simple and clean images, yet at same time delivering the messages in no uncertain terms. Started with a set of Nikon FM, Kim shows that photographer need not necessary own the best of all equipment to turn out beautiful images. Kudos to you, YoonKi.....

Rene Mark a photographer and digital arttist has been active in 2D and 3D computer graphic works since 1992. Check up his works in modelling (.. not the cat walk,..), rendering and special effects in his work site.

Wlson Lee is a young and talented commercial graphic designer and photographer from Hong Kong. I really like his pictures from Hong Kong night scenes, it gives me that "wish I was there..." feeling. A very talented web designer as well, full of javascript, so be fore-warned.

James Kay A mechnical engineer turned photographer, James began his career by photographing adventure orientated subjects such as peaks from the Himalayas and other wild places. He now specialises in landscape photography.

Christian Moll A fashion photogrpher from Germany. I am well impressed by his presentation on fashion and glamour. He has a unique way of communicating ....

G. Arnell Williams has a very impressive collection of pictures here in his web site entitled "Drama in Nature". His passion is capturing those special, dramatic moments in nature. Well worth a visit.

Sergey VORONIN is featured here in the series "Masters of the Russian Contemporary Photography Art" hosted by LeonidS a director of a photo agency in Russsia. Sergey VORONIN is the winner of the InterPhoto International Photography Contest year 1995, 1996 and in 1997. In 2000 Sergey got the First Prize of "Canon-Izvestia "The Man at the end of the second millennium" photography contest. Now, let his pictures speak for him.

Sylvie Blum is a young German photographer. She is now working on an erotic book project and she will be conducting a workshop on nude photography real soon...

SL Cheah is a fellow Malaysian photographer. This web site featured Cheah's digital photos in black and white. Some of these pictures were "hand coloured" to enhence the impact and mood. In his words; "these pictures represent my journey into the digital age and world that we lived in today". It actually appears to me as the world that we lived in 30 years ago. (New)

Herbert Haerle is an advertising photograper from Stutgart, Germany. I really appreciate his talented use of colour and his control over the depth-of-field in his pictures. Impressive woks.

PortraitOne is a commercial website of Kid Chan. Kid Chan is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Malaysia who is specialised in wedding photojournalism. He is also the first and so far the only Malaysian member of Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) based in the US. He was featured in various magazines locally as well as overseas.

Kamarulzaman Russali is a Malaysian local stringer for REUTERS

Michael Soo is a California-based Malaysian photographer who has made a name in the US He won The Photographer of The Year title this year after winning top prize in the contest organized by US-based Popular Photography magazine.

Steve Raymer, Prof. is an ex-National Geographic photographer He is now Associate Professor and teaches journalism at Indiana University.

Nowadays, I seldom browse around anymore as frequently as I used to do, but you are always encouraged to suggest a link to the Link Editor Mr MCLau and give your recommendation for all of us to include in this page. Kindly inform me of any broken link(s).

Last updated : 18 August 2005

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