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A Cow or a Horse ?
Stupid question..Crazy article.

There is no white horse nor a knight in real life situation.
Only some cruel facts prevail here.

This is a cow. Not a horse. No pine woods - but only rubber trees.

In a more ideal photographic situation or to make a photograph more appealing to a broader audience. Let us assume the cow was a horse, the tree and background changed to the lovely pine trees in a beautiful autumn scene, ahh... take away that irritating no trespassing red alert sign or wait until the evening for a more warmer colour temperature... the effect will be transformed into another scenario, dreamy, inviting and generate a touch of romantic feel. No one would reject such a photograph, may be it can even decorate your bed room or hang a poster size picture in the living room as well.

Thus, you will never
enjoy such grueling fact to allow a photograph like the one shown above to have the luxury to display proudly in your living room. Why ? First problem is the cow. Especially for those who had a nice meal last night on the dining table with a sizzling hot plate of steak. No matter how I tried - it is difficult to interrelate a cow with a romantic feel. Second was the rubber trees in the rubber estate. A horse should be free and relates directly to nature, to combine the meal on the table with a cultivated crop may even make things worse. Third was the fence, presenting restrictive of freedom and movement and it was last hurt by the red alert sign - goohs.. signifies an added violent factor! Thus, how can someone appreciate such a visual image? Frankly, neither do I...

We have all been taught since those bedtime stories days that how the prince came in the rescue of a pretty princess in a white horse or seeing horses in the wild nature were as free as a butterflies in the cowboy series or carefully selected and censored article in the Discovery Channel. No one enjoys horse meat regardless how delicious it smells unless it is not survivor state. But in real life, a horse was not a horse anymore like it used to be in the TV series all because mankind dictates how it should be behaving. Cow, on the other hand, at least he has his freedom to eat the glass anywhere he likes or roam anywhere it feels comfortable with - simply because no one cares. There is very little wild horses around in the wild wild west in the midst of human occupations in the development zone, of cause with an exception of the luxurious few who can afford to.

While the horses still maintaining its "traditional" role of keeping children happy to complete the life cycle of growing up, like "Once upon a time..." story line for family tie, commercially it makes most people appreciative (And thankful) for its existence: It can win some lottery prices on the turf or at the race courses. And those horses are the luckiest bunch among the pet animals. Because it may change the course or slight fortune of living. For good or bad, they will be well feed and taken care of, even if it ended up in a zoo. But cow is not an endanger species, and cannot even qualify itself to be included in the animal list in a zoo.

Hey, what is it relative to photography? you may ask.

That was indeed a good question.
From another perspective, in many third world countries - a cow was an cheap source of aid in transportation or helping out in cultivation of farmland. (I haven't have the luxury of seeing this in my country for the last 10 years - most farmers were subsidize to convert automation now), thus a cow was a friend indeed to may different level of income group in other less fortunate countries because it helps to enhance productivity. (Apart from India where Hinduism, the main religion doesn't permit people to ill treat a cow). Worst case, it can still fill your stomach, can you have anything to pick on a animal called "Cow" ?

Next, the rubber trees and the rubber plantation. What is wrong with that ? It can produce a commodity called rubber latex which in turn can make simplest thing like a rubber eraser for your kids for homework, car wheels that can help you travel from home to office, shopping, go fishing or have an pleasant photographic session with your friends.. cultivated because it will have a higher yield of quality secretion. The fence can be useful because to maintain higher degree of management of plantations and estates.

The red alert "No Trespassing" sign signifies discipline. Further, since some plantation practiced wide scale of pest control, it is a safe alert.

Now, let us go back to visualization. The cow was changed to a horse, rubber estate was altered to a lovely pine woods, midday sun was changed to early misty morning scene and substitute the red sign to - errr..a beautiful young long haired gal with a sexy looking gown on...

No one should complaint. So do I.

..A matter of perception, seeing a nice web page will make you feel better visually, but not the article.

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