Weekly or periodically, we will exhibit selection of pictures selected or nominated by others. This site is created primarily for those who dedicated their time and effort in the field of photography and we are using this site to interact with other photographers local & abroad and co-promoting each others' work.

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Theme & Location: Part of a National Historical Park in the San Juan Islands of northwestern Washington State, this former military encampment sits high on a hill overlooking the nearby bays and waterways. Only a couple of restored buildings remain from the military occupation of the mid-1800ís when tensions concerning the establishment of the British-U.S. international border threatened to erupt in military action. Now itís tranquillity and gentle walking trails teach visitors about American history, local wildlife and international friendship.

Photographer: David Grant Best

David Grant Best employs classic, large format black & white photography in a variety of pursuits, including the classic landscape and historical documentation of small towns and rural communities. His book Portrait of a Racetrack recorded life in a doomed racetrack community near Seattle. He lives in Anacortes, Washington and is currently photographing the landscape, farmlands, and people of the nearby Skagit River Valley.

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