Weekly or periodically, we will exhibit selection of pictures selected or nominated by others. This site is created primarily for those who dedicated their time and effort in the field of photography and we are using this site to interact with other photographers local & abroad and co-promoting each others' work.

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Canon on land, Nikon at the sea...
Interesting to see a site designed by a foreigner, focuses on materials featuring oriental essence. Take a short cut for myself, free advertising for tourism for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia - local tourism authorities owe him this favour.
Site design is first class throughout. Images are stunning with clarity, very good scanning works, should asked for some advice from him...

Below some extracts:

"...I recently started getting seriously into photography, something I was fascinated with as a high school student, but left at the wayside since. It was rediscovering scuba diving this last summer that really rekindled my interest, as I started shooting underwater photos, and then, realizing that I had a unique opportunity living where I do, began taking regular photos again as well. .....My terrestrial equipment is pretty simple. I use a Canon EOS 500 with a 35-80mm lens and a 70-300mm lens. I was shooting to print film for a while, but have started shooting more or less exclusively to slide film since seeing the clarity and color advantages when learning underwater photo. My underwater camera is a real beauty that I stumbled onto by misadventure detailed in the Report from Singapore 6. It is a Nikonos RS AF, the top of the line Nikon underwater camera. I use a 50mm lens, and a 28mm lens which I favor. It is about twice as much camera as I need, but I look forward to growing into it. .....Underwater photos are included here, but they are also gathered along with my other diving specific material on my Submarine page. The links for each photography section lead to indexes of photos with thumnails and captions. The indexes can be used to browse high-resolution (600x400) photos."

- D. William Moss -

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