Asian countries are renowned for their interesting culture and explicit hospitality. That is why I prefer travelling around countries in Asia. My most recent trip was to Myanmar, a country so unique and rich with cultural values of its kind.


Myanmar is situated in South East Asia being densely populated with 50 million people. The main cities in Myanmar are Yangon, Prome and Mandalay. These cities are linked together by the famous Irrawaddy River. The people here basically lead a peaceful customary lifestyle whereby their diligence is aimed at improving their country. Their methods are still at a vey primitive stage whether it is argicultural or education. The simplicity of its lifestyle is mainly due to the fact that the country is still undergoing a developing stage.

One of the most scenic places one can find in Myanmar is the countryside. Its villages there mostly comprises of a cluster of attap houses built along the river. There would also be a few boats attached to these houses fot transportation purposes. The villagers are hardworking and cooperative. Not only that, they would never hesitate to lend a helping hand should their fellow neighbours needed them.

Myanmar's main religion is Buddhism. The people there no matter young or old are very religious and committed to its values and culture. Therefore,paddydespite the fact that Myanmar is not a very well of country, it can still manage to preserve thier legacy in upgrading its religious site.

Myanmar's main agricultural activities are padi plantation and fishing. Although their methods of producing are out to date, but it proves to be satisfactory as they are mainly for the country's consumption and only some are used for exports.


boatman girls washing

Photographiy by:
Eric Cheong Kok Yew

A member of
Photographic Society of Malaysia

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