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Name: Ahmet Koluman
Comments: hi. im a student and even in my books i had never seen this kind of pics...congurulations... i took some of your pics for my semineer (its about the endangered life in the seas) and i wrote your adress i believe that my friends will adore your site like me... and im hoping to some more mediternean species in your site...
Country: Turkiye
Sex: male
Refer by: Just surfing in
Date: 24/3/101 04:16:16

Name: Jerry Summers
Comments: Dear MP Wong, Your underwater photography is spectacular. I was also impressed with your knowledge of aquatic species. Are you a marine biologist ? I am new to diving, having gotten my certification this past December. But, I have made some drift dives and wreck dives at 105 to 110 feet. I now have a passion for scuba and intend to take up underwater photography. I recently joined a dive club here in South Florida, which sponsors trips all over the globe. Perhaps I will run into you my fellow adventurer, in some distant sea one day. Kind Regards,
Jerry Summers

Country: USA
Sex: male
Refer by:Just surfing in
Date: 10/2/101 04:52:25

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