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Well, another possible explanation could be, rarely there are chances for photographers to picture him privately .. So, I thought this shot by Mark Fallander was a real visual treat even to many of our countrymen. Personally, I thought this shot was one of rare few Good portraits of Dr. Mahathir that I can remember for a long time ...

HOW often did you see a decent picture of this popular old man of ours in print media ? Hardly... Possibly his outspoken character could have caused many stomach upsets among foreign journalists who indirectly control the "medium of communications" on this planet called Earth. Well, sometimes such aggression makes you interrelates some media operators look like having different sets of agenda such as aiming more towards tempering his image in the eyes of the public rather than to serve their duties rightfully.

Update: His current working office at Perdana Leadership Foundation / Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana

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