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The five-petals, brilliant red Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis. Our National Flower (Malaysia). it can be grouped under the Malvaceae or mallow family (we locally referred it as Bunga Raya) and it was also referred as "Queen of the Tropic". . Many of you may associate the Hawaiian type with the Malaysian ones, but the state flower of Hawaii with a local name, mao hau hele was categorized under H. brackenridgei. In fact, Hibiscus syriacus (Mugunghwa or "Rose of Sharon") is also the national flower of South Korea and its widespread popularity throughout the globe as the favorite decorative gardening plant also makes a cocktail named as "hibiscus". There are probably many combinations (crossbreeds) and could have been resulted with thousands combinations on colours, shapes and form. The acceptance of this great, colorful flower has enabled formation of a commodity for hobbyists. Some colours, such as blue & black are considered rare but it has began to surface via breeding. It is a common sight to find Hibiscus (Bunga Raya) as popular household gardening plants and along roads and highways in Malaysia and neighboring countries such as Singapore, Brunei Thailand and Indonesia.

The flower also has medical medicinal properties - local believes the roots and its juice can be used as a cure for fever, other ailments, relieving skin eruptions and glandular troubles. Old days, local women used the petals for cosmetic purpose such as darkening eyebrow etc. Lately I have even came across canned Hibiscus flower petals that sell in supermarkets. We have a Hibiscus Garden at the heart of Kuala Lumpur near the Orchid Garden at the Lake Garden where I love the development of Hibiscus species be more attentive to than the comparing Orchid. Colours of the Red Bunga Raya is not very friendly to capture via post-photo scanning(see the above picture on the details of the pedals). I am not sure how about the digital format on colour management,

So, good pictures or Great pictures ?

Actually - I don't bother so much with the qualitative aspect of these photos (not to mentioned quantitative) - but I do love to have our national flower presents in a better way via a computer screen on the public web medium.

Virtually ALL the images shown here were taken while I performed my daily routine jog around the Kampong area near Ampangan Batu after the minor heart operation. Yes. it is habitual. Usually, I will carry a camera while I did my light jogging and even now, I will always have a digital compact under my car seat, hehe... well, I have moved to the City Centre back in year 2000) but as I said earlier, I do miss those days of morning walk. The series of pictures were originally aimed for my mini-personal project Phathulistiwa @ Malaysia project at http://www.NATURE.com.my





Group A - 9 Images

Group B -15 Images


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Anyway, for personal and/or educational purposes, I have prepared some images just for any of you who wishes to use them on your project (copyright-free) - as a Malaysian, this is the least hospitality I can offer you. For commercial use/applications of these images in higher resolution, you can contact : http://www.IMAGES.com.my

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