"Maintaining the essence of traditions and utilise them to enrich the contents of creativity is the unchanged principle in my journey on the path of ink painting for the past three decades. I strongly believe that the expressions and styles of Shui Mo art or ink painting would enter into a new lease of richness which was never found in the history of Chinese Art. This form of art would spread its wings and influences to all corners of the world especially Asian region. lt would, based upon the basic foundation of its Chinese traditional concept and develop further to new heights and richness. We have to command the fundamental techniques of ink painting in order to open up our scope of creativity and absorb the elements of artistic expressions to form our own unique style in producing works of high standard. This is a commitment that I shall never feel tired to adhere."

-Wong Nai Chin -

 Life Along the River, 1992

Wong Nai Chin was born in 1943 in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1966. He has been a free-lance artist and art educator since 1967 beside teaching in a Chinese school. He is Chairman of KLIP Art & Research Centre; Research Fellow, Eastern Arts Research Centre; specially appointed artist, Hang-Zhou Si-Leng Art Collcge. He taught art in Malaysian Institute of Art, Central Academy of Art and The One Academy of Communication Design. He served as member of panel of judges in various national and international art contest / competitions. He is also Chairman of Editorial Committee of "History of Malaysian Chinese Art" and "Collection of Historical Materials of Malaysian Chinese Art". He is Advisor of Encyclopedia of World Chinese Artists. He held more than 30 solo / joint exhibitions in various countries inclucling Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong end Australia. He was awarded "NanyangAcademy of Fine Arts Alumni Excellent Award" in 1993; "Blue Ribbon Award" in "Tropical Scenery Show" in Japan, 1995.

The Artist:

W o n g  N a i  C h i n

31-D Jalan Merlimau, Off Jalan Kenanga
55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603 - 2212970

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