T h e   M a s t e r s   S e r i e s

Cheah Thien Soong
Cheng Haw Chien
Chuang Kim Siew
Chung Chen Sun
Goh Ah Ang
Puah Kim Hai
Wong Nai Chin
Yap Hong Ngee
Yong Chien Chin

- I n k   P r i n t i n g -

The unique racial and ritual characteristics and lifestyles of the various communities in Malaysia, together with its western colonial background and influence, have provided an enriched the fertile platform for the development of this form of painting.

We, in Malaysia have passed through three stages of development in ink painting, from infancy to early success and now to a higher stage of achievement.

This compilation of works by contemporary ink painters in this site serve as a testimony of the achievements of the master artists whose works and creations have won recognition and great admiration from all over the world.

Jehan Chan, an artist based in Melaka, famous for his delicate drawings of carps. This is his personal website in MIR. To portray him as a "carp man" is selling him short. His other creations are equally impressive and much sort after by local and foreign collectors...

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