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It is nice to receive awards, it makes you feel good. I was just like any other guys who were anxious to make a mark on the web those days. Human weakness, you can say that... Those were the early days with first three months was up and running, it was bad, very bad indeed... striking an average of approx. 15-20k hits a month as compared with the current hit rate of 10 million hits per month, "Lisa", our server has hence recorded a stat that soar passed 4 million hits a year or two after that. As time progresses, I have learnt to realize content, originality and great passion are the keys for a more successful website and that was used to be the direction I have heading at later stage. Anyway, as I have retired from active businesses on my 42th birthday back in 1998 and web traffic was not an important issue anymore - primarily because now, I am doing it sole for leisure and filling an unfilled dream of my younger days. Below were the people that have generously given my the mega dose when I was started, these guys have helped and given me many encouragement at the initial stage to gain a positive footing and they sincerely deserve my appreciation and that is why I am still recording this important footage of this site development. Some of the people that I have known via this connection has also developed into personal relationship and each one of them has their high level of professionalism and dedication towards their respective operating businesses and thus, I still retain these links here for you to explore their respective sites. Thanks, pals - where ever you are now.

Editor's recommended Site's
Best of the Web Directory
January 18th 2000

Editor's Choice, January 1998
Greek Photo Web
The meeting point with Greek professional photography on the Web

Editor's Choice, December '97
Two of Australia's online photographic magazines: Digital Photography & Imaging,
Photozine, Australia

Excellent Photography Award
Photography Online,

Apple Showcase, November 21st 1998
An Apple a Day

Top 5 Photographic Sites,
November, 1997
ACE Indexes, US, a directory of more than 500 North American photographic commerce web sites

Site of the day
Editor's choice, Fred Langa's (Editor for Windows Magazine)
Hot Spots on the Web.

Site Of The Week
First Week , December '97
Stock Photo Agency, US

Editor's Choice, Cool Site of the Week
PC Home , Hong Kong 6th June 1998

Featured Site of the Day
Taiwan Photography Online


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