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Leica M6 Chrome Colombo '92 Special 500th Anniversary Italian Edition collectible rangefinder camera with Summicron-M 1:2/50mm Colombo Edition, engraved metal body cap, lens hood, Walnut display wooden box and a third party made anodized chrome Hand grip


Since its release in 1984, except some minor refinements, there were not too many Special Edition Leica M6 available during those days. Unless I am wrong, the Leica M6 LHSA 20th 1968~1988 Anniversary Model was the first among the many series that followed. The Limited Edition of 1,250 units of Platinum plated M6 in commemorating "150 Jahre Photographie/75 Jahre Leica Photographie" with a matching Platinum plated Summilux-M 1:1.4/50mm was followed in 1989. James Lager's
An Illustrated History of Leica cameras has reported a small edition of Leica M6 series in 1989 which was requested by Kodak to serve Sports Photographers covering the Jours En France in May, 1989. While Dennis Laney's Leica Collectors Guide has mentioned a Leica M6G produced based on request from Leica Switzerland; Dennis book had also reported an intermediate event of a special production model of M6 produced for Queen Elizabeth II to replaced her aged Leica M3. But production in sizable quantity for wider spread of distribution was still confined to the Leica M6 LHSA 1968~1988 as well as the M6 Platinum Kit set. In 1992, there were two Leica M6 bodies with different configurations being released. The Leica M6 Titanium Finish Classic Model was offered along with an optional matching Titanium finish. The Leica M6/T classic was a regular production model, sold along with the black as well as the silver-chrome finish models. Another release in 1992 was a M6 special anniversary edition produced with a very limited quantity of 200 units only. The camera was prepared to serve a request from Leica Italian dealer, Polyphoto S.P.A. in commemorating 500th Anniversary of Italian voyager, Christopher Columbus* (1451~1502) of his sea route discovery of the new world/American Continent in the Western Hemisphere. This Special Edition was often referred by Leica collectors as Leica M6 COLOMBO '92.

* He was born in Genoa, Italy, but died in Spain. The real name was Cristoforo Colombo (also Cristóbal Colón) - probably why it is called "Colombo" and not "Columbus" with the Leica M6 Colombo '92.

That was roughly about the time for some strange desire, I had generated a little interest in collectible cameras. I have bought a Leica M6 Platinum w/matching lens from KEH camera, US. Bad experience I should say, Fed Express had sent the package to a wrong destination and again when the mistake was found, it was missing again along with a FedEx employee who "negotiated" term of dispatch of the parcel over the phone with me earlier.
Keh camera had trustfully indemnified my losses via insurance claim later. One way or another, that experience had me phobic with the M6 Platinum hehe .. Months later, I had decided to opt for an alternate Leica M6 COLOMBO '92 from a reputable Leica trader in US (not quite ethical to highlight the name for such an unwarranted incident here). Barely a few months later, I had another new source from an Italian dealer who offered me a Colombo '92 with a matching SUMMICRON-M 1:2 f=50mm lens with COLOMBO's engraving as well as matching Serial Number. To be honest, I was feeling a little annoyed at the original source for not highlighting the fact that the acquired package was missing with an important component (lens); months later I was informed they were also not being alerted with such a companion lens and they actually had bought TWO. The remaining Colombo '92 they owned was seen being disposed via online trading/auction at 40% off from my original price paid. !%#*@)#) !! The Italian trader who sold me the 2nd set with the lens later offered his help and trying to locate the original lens that supposedly matches my camera back home in Italy - but the Italian source had asked for USD3,500-00 just for the lens alone ! I refused and just live with a COLOMBO '92 camera without the lens instead. Two years ago, when my China partner came to Malaysia for the first time, and was amazed with quality when he saw and hold a Leica camera for the first time in his life, I just gave the set to him as a personal gift . Errr.. naturally, the one that came without the lens. hehe ..

Well, I am not actually complaining, first of all I guess both parties had their respective faults in a miserable transaction but most of all, it was partially my fault, as I didn't conduct a detailed study prior to such an investment. But I seriously dislike those who are not honest in the trade because a seasoned Leica trader could also be a careless victim but not finding the fact prior to buying in a used collectible set. I don't see any reason why the original owner would dispose his camera and retaining the lens - except for making additional gain from separate sale. One of the reasons why I am sharing this episode as well as creating this site was also carry the same purpose for collectors to gather as much information as possible prior to an acquisition of a used, collectible Leica equipment to minimize such kind of risk. So, if ever there are issues or points that deserve mentioning in order to protect buyers interest, please make use of the
convenience of the Message Board and I will update the content in related section(s).

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