T h e  H a s s e l b l a d  R e s o u r c e  P a g e

A   P i c t o r i a l   H i s t o r y

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Gold Supreme

The 50th Year Gold Supreme, 1997, 200 made.
+ A little updated news from Sweden.
+ one of most rare in quantity among all Hasselblad models

Thai Special

The Thai King Bhumibol's
50th jubilee year model

Hasselblad 503CX CF "
Golden Blue" model, 1941-1991 50th Anniversary model. 24K gold plated kit/blue leather. Only 700 made

What about these MK series of Hasselblad ?


After the Flex, The all new ArcBody -minus the Carl Zeiss T* lenses...with the debut of the trio of Rodenstock lenses.


The XPan Camera, 1998

Moon Pix

* Check out how Hassleblad got involved in NASA space missions.

This page is only displaying the pictures of individual model of the Hasselblad cameras, as for the world renown Carl Zeiss T* Lenses you may click here to have a brief history, background & development of Carl Zeiss optics.

* New "Hunting Ground" for Hasselblad Users...

For those who intends to look for a cheaper alternative motor drive for your camera.

Prototype || Prototype Rossex 1942-1945 || Prototype 1942-1945 || Prototype 1951-1955 || Prototype 1951-1955* || Prototype 1951-1955**
Hasselblad 1600F 1948-1952 || Hasselblad 1000F 1952-1957
Aerial Camera HK7 1941-1945 || Hasselblad Space Camera 500C || Hasselblad Space Camera SWC || Hasselblad Space Camera SWC* || Hasselblad Space Electric Camera EC || Hasselblad Space Electric Data Camera EDC - The Space Camera Hasselblad 500C 1957-1970 || Hasselblad 503CX 1988-1994 || Hasselblad 503CXi 1994- || Hasselblad 500 Classic 1989-1994 || Hasselblad 501C 1994- Hasselblad Supreme Wide Angle 1954-1959 || Hasselblad Super Wide C, SWC 1959-1979 || Hasselblad SWC/M 1979-1988 || Hasselblad 903 SWC 1988- Hasselblad 2000FC 1977-1981 || Hasselblad 2000FCM 1981-1984 || Hasselblad 2000FCW 1984-1988 || Hasselblad 2003FCW 1988-1990 Hasselblad 500EL 1965-1972 || Hasselblad 500EL/M 1972-1984 || Hasselblad 500ELX 1984-1988 || Hasselblad 553ELX 1988- Hasselblad 205TCC 1991- || Hasselblad 201F 1994- || Hasselblad 203FE 1994 - || Hasselblad 205FCC 1995-

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