Ernst Leitz Wetzlar SUMMAREX 1:1.5 f=85mm telephoto lens image library
A brief, visual introduction on selective Leica/Leitz rangefinder lenses

Photos & Images provided by various contributors across the network. All images Copyright © 2008 belong to the respective contributors. All rights reserved.

It has a century-old rich & colorful history behind the great/proud trade names of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar; so, this section will be constantly under constructions to beef up this MIR image digital library as it goes along.

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Super-Angulon 1:4/21mm
Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 1:5.6 F=2.8cm SUMMARON

Leitz 35mm lens group
ELMAR 3.5/3.5cm | ELMAR 3.5/3.5cm Stereo Outfit | Summaron 1:3.5/3.5cm | Summaron 1:2.8/35mm | Summicron 1:2/35mm

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 3.5/3.5cm & E.Leitz Midland Canada's Stemar 1:3.5 f=3.3cm Stereo lenses

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Hektor f=7.3cm 1:1.9
Leica / E. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summarex f=8.5cm 1:1.5 (85mm f/1.5)
E. Ernst (New York) Wollensak Velostigmat f=90mm 1:4.5
Anastigmat 1:4 f=90mm

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar "FAT" ELAMR 90mm f/4.0
Ernst Leitz Wetzlar
ELMAR 90mm f/4.0

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar f=90mm 1:2.8 ELMARIT
E.Leitz Canada SEOOF 1:2 / 90 SUMMICRON
E.Leitz Canada S00ZI Summicron f=9cm 1:2.0
Ernst Leitz Wetzlar f=9cm 1:2.2 THAMBAR

Angenieux 90mm f2.5 Type Y1 LSM

Leica Leitz Elmar 6.3/10.5cm (105mm f/6.3)
French P. Angenieux 90mm f/2.5 for ALPA
Hugo Meyer Trioplan 2.8/10.5cm (4 1/4')
Hugo Meyer 105mm f/2.7 (f=10.5cm 1:2.7)
Rodenstock LSM 105mm f/4.5 (f=10.5cm 1:4.5)

Summar 12cm f/4.5
Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Hektor 2.5/12cm (125mm f/2.5) Prototype
Hektor 2.5/12.5cm Prototype; originally produced only as a projection lens,
in a mount of Telyt 400mm, for Visoflex, cap; approx. Year: c.1946

Pre-production Hektor 2.5/12.5cm
Midland Canada Hektor 2.5/12.5cm
E.Ernst Wetzlar Hektor 2.5/12.5cm

Leica IIIg with a typical E.Leitz Inc. New York lens
Leica/Leitz New York Velostigmat / Wollensak Velostigmat 127mm f/4.5

Leica Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Elmar f=13.5cm 1:4.5 (135mm f/4.5)
Leica Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Hektor f=13.5cm 1:4.5 (135mm f/4.5)
Leica Ernst Leitz Wetzlar ELMAR f=13.5cm 1:4 (135mm f/4.0)

Credit: Image(s) courtesy of Mr. Liu Zan from DigifanCN®. The group also operates their own active, popular EBAY STORE, trading for many major camera brands and collectibles. Image Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Leica Telyt f=20cm 1:4.5 (200mm f/4.5)
400mm f/5.0 TELYT Visoflex
Leica PLOOT / Visoflex 1 Reflex Housing with various Magnifiers / Finders

Others:- Hektor 4.5/135 sharkskin \ Prototype 4.5/135mm Hektor | Summar 135mm f/6.0 | Angenieux 3.5/135mm Type Y2 | comparing size and dimension

Leica / Leitz VIDOM Universal Finder in Black/Nickel Leica PLOOT Visoflex LINK

Optical Finders Group:
VISOR Torpedo Finder
VISIL Torpedo Finder,
VISET Torpedo Finder
Leica / Leitz VIDOM black/nickel
VIDOM Universal Optical Finder

Leica 35-135 Imarect / VIOOH Universal Finders
3rd Party Alternatives

Leica/Leitz 21mm SBKOO chrome; 21mm chrome/Black metal finder
LEICA/Leitz AHOOT 2.8cm Finder
Leica/Leitz SUOOQ 2.8cm Folding Finder, 1936
Leica/Leitz Finders - SLOOZ chrome 2.8cm, SLOOZ black for 28mm

IMARECT + VIOAD; Leitz New York IMARECT universal finder, with 127mm marking,
variant without serial number, complete with extremely rare VIOAD 28mm attachment;

Leica/Leitz AYOOC; Waist-level 3.5cm/5cm finder
Leitz/Leica New Style chrome 35mm Brightline Finder
SBLOO 3.5cm Finders

5cm SUWOO black/nickel; black and chrome finish
Leica/Leitz Right-angle viewfinders
Leica / Leitz WOOSU 90 degrees 5cm Right Angle Finder
unknown Type for 5cm Wetzlar Finder
Leitz/Leica New Style Silver/chrome SBOOI 5cm Brightline Finder

7.3cm Finder
Leica /Leitz AGOOD 8.5cm Brightline Finder
Leica /Leitz 9cm SEROO Folding Finder
SGVOO 9cm finders with different engravings

Sports frame Finder
135mm Brightline Finder \ Other 135mm Finders
Leica / Leitz 14023A (TZFOO)
Leitz 20cm SFTOO + TTaxo 24BOO
Hugo Meyer MEGOFLEX reflex finder
Third Party Finder Types

Leica M-Series Camera Models:
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Some of the evolved older logo variations of Leitz & Leica

each with different type face / design which was used over the years on their products:-

E.Leitz Wezlar old logo Type 1 E.Leitz Wezlar old logo Type 2  E.Eleitz New York  Old  logo.gif E.Leitz Wezlar old logo Type 3 E.Leitz Wezlar old logo Type 4

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